Prefecture Box

This box is perfect for those who love to travel and wants a little adventure for their taste buds! As each regional snack has its different unique taste, local Japanese flavor, or even a cool modern twist to a traditional Japanese treat! This box won't disappoint when it comes to bringing something new and unique.

Box Highlights

Mt. Fuji Rice Crackers

--Saitama Prefecture--

A small rice cracker shaped like Mt. Fuji, which has been registered as a World Heritage Site. This cracker expresses the scenery of Mt. Fuji that changes with the seasons and the flow of time with the taste and color of seven types of rice crackers.

Shimagokoro Lemon Cake

--Hiroshima Prefecture--

This lemon cake uses high quality lemons from Setoda that can be eaten with the skin that has no preservatives or wax. Setoda Town, in Hiroshima Prefecture, is Japan’s largest producer of lemons. Lemon cultivation has been passed down for over 100 years on Ikuguchi Island that is suitable for citrus cultivation. The traditional lemon cakes were made by kneading the fruit juice into the dough for a delicious treat.

Corn Chocolate in Caramel

--Hokkaido Prefecture--

A perfect combination of crispy crunchy texture and soft chocolate. Golden corn are carefully selected and utilized for its original flavor and sweetness, later to be coated with quality chocolate and caramel. Conscious and safe, the Hokkaido sweets are popular not only as souvenirs but also among the locals in Hokkaido.

Hon Kuzu Mochi

--Fukuoka Prefecture--

No added chemical thickeners, no starch, and made with 100% kuzu powder that allows you to taste the soft sweetness of Kuzu. The elegant flavors of black molasses and soybean flour enhances the delicious flavor. A snack, which recipe has been passed down for more than a century, is a Fukuoka souvenir that cannot be missed. It is recommended to refrigerate to preserve the best flavor.

Shrimp Cheese Senbei

--Gifu Prefecture--

Chewy shrimp rice crackers that are entwined with mentaiko and topped with rich cheese. A taste that creates a new sensation and texture!

Marble Gum Okinawa Line

--Okinawa Prefecture--

Local limited product! An old-fashioned gum that blends with Okinawa's citrus.

Apollo White Furano Melon

--Hokkaido Prefecture--

The rich flavor of white chocolate and Furano melon. Made from 100% Hokkaido milk.

Apollo White Strawberry

--Hokkaido Prefecture--

This Hokkaido limited Apollo combines the rich taste of white chocolate with sweet and sour strawberries.

Mozuku Ikaajiten

--Okinawa Prefecture--

"Mozuku" is a kind of marine algae rich in minerals. Because the Okinawa Sea has a sunny and warm climate, it can thrive in Okinawa. In addition to kneading in the dried squid with seaweeds, it also contains Okinawa's unique lemon, which contains higher levels of Chuanchenpi element than grapefruit and citrus. In addition to nutrition, the unique sourness is especially refreshing in summer.

Prefecture Box (One-Time)

Prefecture Box (One-Time)

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Strictly selecting local snacks and sweets from 47 Prefectures in Japan, the 'Prefecture Box' will take you on a journey as you explore Japan from a new perspective. From must-buy souvenirs to well-established local confectionery made by artisans! Let WOWBOX lead your taste-buds into a tour of Japan with an explosion of new flavors that you will love 🥰

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