Contest Starts on Dec 1, 2019 to April 19, 2020

STEP 1:   Must be a CURRENT WOWBOX subscriber!

STEP 2:   Take a photo or create a video to show your love to WOWBOX. Be creative!

STEP 3: Post the image or video on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or Tik Tok personal account. Use #mysweetwowbox & tag us.



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You should fulfill ALL the following qualification to participate:
1. You are not a Japanese nationality holder.
2. Your residential area must be any area except in Japan.
3. You must be 18 years old or older.
4. You must hold a personal Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or Tik Tok account that is opened to public.
5. You must make a video showcasing WOWBOX and must include hashtag '#mysweetwowbox'
6. You must be a WOWBOX current subscriber!
7. You must read, understand, and agree with the terms and conditions written at the end of this page.


Winners will be selected through impartial examination process by WOWBOX staff in the month of March. A direct message will be sent to the winners via subscription email from our official account. Also announcement on our social media accounts: FB @wowbox.japan  |  IG @wowbox_jp  |  Twitter @wowbox_jp  |  Tik Tok @wowbox_jp


* Winners will be contacted through their subscription email at WOWBOX and social media in the month of March. 

* The winners should respond to their message within a fixed period. The prizes will be forfeited if the winners fail to respond within that period. 

* Personal information given by winners will be used only for the purpose to organize the trip or to ship the sub-prizes. 

* Winner does not have right to transfer or trade any of the prizes. The campaign organizer is not responsible for any possible lost caused by accident or mistake during shipping process.

Terms and Conditions

* Your residential area must anywhere in the world except in Japan. You must be 18 years old or older. You must not hold a Japanese citizenship.

* Any deleted post is considered as invalid entry.

* Multiple posts (entries) are acceptable during campaign period. However, the limit of entry post for each person, is only ONE post per day.

* Any violation of the above rules might disqualify your entry or entitlement in this campaign.

* Posts from single user with multiple accounts, or posts from multiple accounts using the same videos, are disqualified from this contest.

* Posts without hashtag “#mysweetwowbox”, won’t be reviewed and are considered disqualified.

* Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Tik Tok accounts with “closed” visibility privacy settings are considered disqualified.

* Prizes cannot be specified.

* Entries from accounts owned by company or organization are considered disqualified. You should participate in this contest using your individual account.

* Applicants should pay for the internet or connection fee, if there is any, when participating in this contest.

* We are not responsible for any delayed post caused by internet or social media troubles.

* Do not post inappropriate contents. WOWBOX will disqualify your entry as well as the following:

- Anything which is contrary to public order or morality.

- Any trading or equivalent actions, or promotions of any website or address.

- Any interference, or defamation to WOWBOX.

- Any contents that are not related to our theme. 

- Any contents that might collide with license/right for any character/artist etc.

- Any contents that might invade privacy or injure reputation for any individual, company or organization.

- Any contents that might collide with any copyright or portrait right.

- Any contents that are considered not appropriate by WOWBOX.

* Terms and conditions by the social network are applied when using social network.

* This campaign and prizes can be subject to change or cancellation without notice in advance. In that case, announcement will be made through our official website or social media.

* Post contents (account name) might be used in official websites, campaign promotions, campaigns or events organized by WOWBOX. The WOWBOX may, at its sole discretion, edit, post, print, broadcast or distribute etc. in any form. Notification will not be given to the campaign applicant. This action does not affect the contest result.

* By participating in this contest, the contest applicant and the content creator disclaim any right (including copy right and portrait right) related to the content.


* WOWBOX conducts this contest with its best effort to prevent any privacy leakage. However, the authority disclaims all liability or responsibility regarding privacy leakage caused by any third-party misconduct.

* WOWBOX is not responsible for any damage caused by the usage of this contest website to the user or any third parties. The authority has the right to block account or take any necessary actions if any actions done is regarded as a rule violation by our judgement. 

* [Compensation liability]
WOWBOX disclaims any responsibility for possible lost related to conflict within the user and any third parties during any activities related to this contest. Conflicts should be solved by the user with his/her own expenses and responsibility. WOWBOX is considered free from any compensation responsibility.

For any questions or concerns in regards to the contest, feel free to send us an email.
*Participant's video entries SHOULD NOT be emailed to WOWBOX.

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