Taste of Kyoto Cultural Flavor

Available from 4/1~4/30

Experience Kyoto, Ancient Capital of Japan

Kyoto carries an air of tradition to it that no other city in Japan can match. With vast abundance of temples, variety of foods, Uji matcha, and geisha culture, Kyoto has become the must-visit destination when visiting Japan.

This month, let's dive deep into Kyoto's history, culture, and food scenes!

Where is Kyoto?

History & Culture

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Kyoto Specialty

Uji Matcha

Uji matcha is a name for all matcha produced from Uji, Kyoto. Since ancient time, Uji matcha is seen as high-quality and is often presented to the Imperial Family... (continue)

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Uji Matcha Delicacies

Nama Yatsuhashi Uji Matcha Flavor

The nama (raw) yatsuhashi is a traditional Kyoto treat made out of sugar and rice flour with a mochi-like texture. Enjoy the elegant taste of two traditional flavors of Kyoto in one simple treat.

Double Rich Uji Matcha Pudding

Using Uji tea specialty store Maruso, known for high-quality Uji matcha for over 200 years, this 'double rich' version of pudding uses twice the amount of matcha giving you an immersive, deeper and rich matcha taste.

Kyoto Culture


One of Kyoto’s defining characteristics is the presence of geisha and maiko (apprentice geisha), a long-running Japanese tradition that can still be observed in the city today. But, what's the difference between a maiko and geisha? (Photo Credit: 55maiko.net)

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Maiko Finds

Maiko-San Cookies

Crispy and sweet cookies resembling the ornate faces of maiko, or geisha apprentices. The details on the maiko face are delicate and elegant. To drive the Kyoto theme home even further, a subtle matcha taste flower shaped cookie is included too.

'Maiko Han Hii~ Hii~' Spicy Curry Senbei

'Maiko Han Hii~ Hii~ (舞子はんひぃ~ひぃ~)' is a Kyoto local brand's chili powder using domestic habanero peppers and several other chili peppers to produce that extreme spiciness yet a 'Kyoto-like' smooth taste. These rice crackers combine a blend that chili powder with a potent curry flavor, adorned by images of maiko on the wrapper.

Our Kyoto May Boxes

Are you ready to take this adventure & explore the taste of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan? We got the perfect box for you filled with unique cultural Kyoto specialty snacks that you don't want to miss!

Tabi Box

Tabi in Japanese means travel or journey. We have selected Kyoto local confectioneries that are packed with flavors and different story! You will find local produces used in each snack ingredients, bringing you that 'Kyoto' taste!

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Omiyage Box

Omiyage is the Japanese term for souvenirs and treats. Find in this month's box two of Japan's traditions! From buzzed-about Kyoto Uji matcha flavor to Children's Day special edition, this month's Omiyage Box is double the fun!

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