How WOWBOX works


Choose your plan & join. Available as a subscription, one time only, or a gift. We will pack and ship your WOWBOX to you — tracking & express shipping available soon! Tell us what you think! Give us feedback, and earn points. Use those points to load up on your favorite snacks & special offerings in the marketplace!
Choose your plan & join. Available as a subscription, one time only, or a gift. We will pack and ship your WOWBOX to you — complete with tracking, so you can know where your treats are at any moment.
Give us feedback, and earn points. Use those points to load up on your favorite snacks and special offerings in the WOWBOX marketplace!


How much is the shipping fee?

Standard shipping fee is included with your WOWBOX for most countries! For Semi-express and express shipping, an additional cost will be added depending on the destination. *Please note that some countries will charge custom fees.

When do you ship out the boxes?

The first batch of orders billed before the 15th will go out around the 22nd. Orders between the 15th to 22nd will be shipped around the 29th. The last batch of orders placed will be shipped on the first week of the following month.

What payment methods are available?

We accept payment via PayPal, and all major credit cards.

What are points for?

You can earn points in various ways including subscribing and writing reviews about the treats in your WOWBOX. As you get more and more points, you can exchange them to cash rewards to use for your next purchase and at marketplace.

My WOWBOX arrived damaged or my items are missing.

No worries we will take care of it! Please take a picture of your WOWBOX and email it to us at

What is your refund policy?

We will refund your purchase if your box arrives heavily damaged, or if the candies have spoiled or been taken out at the customs. For more info please contact us at

I subscribed to a multiple-month plan, can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

You can not cancel your initial multiple-month subscription plan. After your initial multiple-plan subscription period ends, the subscription will automatically be renewed with the same initial plan.

I would like to receive a free box to review for my blog/YouTube channel. Is that possible?

Please contact us at ( along with a link to your blog, website, YouTube channel etc. Any additional information about your site (Twitter/FB/etc.) will also help!

Do you provide allergy information?

Yes. We provide nutrition facts informations and allergy informations in our 'Past Box' website page section.

How are you different from other Japanese snack subscriptions?

We make sure to carefully curate each box to contain limited and special snacks that are not available in most Asian markets outside of Japan. WOWBOX includes a balanced array of new, limited, and sizable snacks sizes. We make sure not to include any filler snacks like other subscription boxes do. You will find quality Japanese snacks that are hand selected by us! As we progress you will find some unique and artisanal snacks from local Prefectures in Japan. They are unique in taste and flavors that can only be found locally. We want to surprise you with our finds and have you along our food travels as we explore snacks in Japan.

Can I purchase past snacks?


Can I customize my box for allergies?


What happens if I'm charged customs taxes or fees?

It doesn't happen often, but please check your country’s rules and regulations for customs taxes and fees. These charges are imposed by your local government and we have no control over the import taxes that may be charged on your box. WOWBOX will not be responsible for customs taxes that your country may put on your box.

Do you have tracking number?


How long does it take for my box to arrive?

Our Free Standard Shipping usually takes around 3-4 weeks to arrive. Based on our experience, here are the approximate arrival time for the following countries:

- United States: 3-4 weeks

- United Kingdom: 2-3 weeks

- Australia: 2-3 weeks

- Taiwan: 5 days

- Hong Kong: 7 days

- Greece: 4 weeks

- Italy: 3-5 weeks

- New Zealand: 2 weeks

If you chose semi-express shipping it usually takes 7 to 12 days, and express shipping usually takes 3 to 6 days to arrive.

Please be aware that customs will delay your box arrival. All International items must go through customs. Each country has their own customs regulations and rules and we advise that you check your country’s customs regulation for any issues or delays. After it is cleared the box will be delivered to you by your local post office.

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