Taste of Sakura Spring Season

Available from 3/1~3/31

Experience Cherry Blossoms in Spring

WOWBOX is taking you on a little adventure for the taste buds as we enter the spring season! 'Sakura' or Cherry Blossoms are a symbol of spring in Japan. Japan celebrates the sakura season in every possible way, including through food and drinks, with must-try sakura flavors unique to the Japanese culture!

What is Sakura Season?

What is Sakura Flavor?

Must Eat in Spring Season

Feve features a lot of sweet nut snacks, with sugary touches and fruits. The shop is located in Jiyugaoka, a place known for having trendy sweets and desserts in Tokyo. Feve has gained popularity by transforming simple beans and nuts into delicacies by the hands of Hironobu Tsujiguchi, a celebrated pastry chef in modern Japan.

Feve Cashew x Sakura

Premium Sakura Treats

Local confectioneries made by shops that have a long-standing history and reputation when it comes to crafting their snacks to perfection.

Sakura Flavors From Your Favorite Brands

Buzzed-about seasonal Japanese snacks that are popular among many locals.

A Sweet Strawberry Treat

Strawberry picking is one of the most popular activities in spring in Japan, especially because Japanese strawberries are sweet and juicy! They are also perfect to make sweets and found in many different type of treats.

Sakura Senbei

Rice crackers made from 'sakura' shrimp to form a light texture savory snack perfect for spring season.

Upcoming Treats

Kyoto Cookies

Our Sakura Boxes

Are you ready to take this adventure & taste the flavors os spring season in Japan? We got the perfect box for you filled with unique Sakura flavored Japanese specialty snacks that you don't want to miss!

Tabi Box

Tabi in Japanese means travel or journey. We have selected regional confectioneries that are packed with unique sakura and strawberry flavors! You will find local produces used in each snack ingredients, bringing you that 'spring' taste that can only be found in Japan!

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Omiyage Box

Omiyage is the Japanese term for souvenirs and treats. Find in this month's box a flare of sakura and strawberry flavored snacks! They are buzzed-about limited Japanese snacks that can be found during spring season!

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