4 Unique Japanese Chocolates For A Special Valentine’s Day 

4 Unique Japanese Chocolates For A Special Valentine’s Day 

Why settle for the same-old types of chocolates to give to that special someone or your friends come this February 14? Japan offers a wide variety of unique chocolate creations to make for a more exciting Valentine’s Day, ranging from fruit-flavored treats to those boasting special textures.

You can get some of the country’s most exclusive sweets in Wowbox’s February line-up of boxes, guaranteeing a memorable Valentine’s (at least when it comes to your desserts).

Give And You Shall Receive - Valentine's Day & White Day

First, a quick lesson about Valentine’s Day in Japan. Held the same day as it is in the rest of the world, women traditionally give chocolate to men, from co-workers to colleagues.

If that sounds unfair, don’t worry — White Day, held on March 14, sees the reverse scenario play out, at least in theory. Wherever you happen to be though, these unique Japanese chocolates will make your February a winner.

A Valentine's Day Must Have With Modern Twist

Ishimura from Fukuoka was the brand that started the unique White Day craze in Japan as early as 1978. They launched a campaign with "The chocolate received from you, wrapped in my tenderness (marshmallow) and returned to you" , Successfully formed the Japanese culture that men need to return gifts on March 14th, and marshmallow has since become one of their representative products.

Among their many flavors of marshmallows, Strawberry Chocolate Marshmallows have a lovely pink packaging. The soft marshmallows are mixed with freeze-dried strawberry pulp. After having the first bite, you'll taste the aroma of strawberries, and then the rich chocolate sauce.

The sweet taste will awaken the sweet memories of your love. Get Healthy & Beauty Box to taste it yourself!

Show Your Softer Side

The same brand from previous Strawberry Chocolate Marshmallow -- Ishimura has been committed to making creative desserts for over 116 years, not only Japanese style sweets, but also western style chocolates with different tastes, including this soft and thick chocolate. 

You may have had soft textured chocolates, but wait until you try Ishimura's Cafe Marche Soft Chocolat and you'll be surprised! It is delicate and smooth, and the cocoa powder is wrapped with moist chocolate cream. Enjoy the mild, smooth, and extremely rich taste that will make your heart melt slowly and overflow with happiness.

The orange box with elegant design gives a more mature Valentine's Day vibe. This special chocolate can be found in Wowbox’s Prefecture Box. It’s unique texture will leave a lasting memory on Valentine’s Day 2021.

A Valentine’s Day With Bite

Found in this month’s special Valentine’s Health & Beauty Box, Feve’s Pecan and Milk Chocolate takes the lovely nut in its name and pours cocoa powder on top to add in some sweetness. Every pack also comes with raisins, though the part that will make your Valentine’s Day special is the crispy nuts at the center of this offering.

Fruit Fantasy

Coming straight from the tropical island chain of Okinawa, Ryukyu Brown Sugar Pineapple Chocolate with 72% Ghana cacao powder use brown sugar from the region and also works in a subtle but sweet pineapple flavor. It’s a fruity and sugary mix that will add some juice to your Valentine’s Day. Get a bag in the February Health And Beauty Box

Make It Memorable

With these special Japanese chocolates, you can make Valentine’s Day this year especially memorable. Get Prefecture Box or Healthy & Beauty Box by Jan 31 to enjoy a unique Japanese Valentine's Day treats selection for your loved ones (or as a treat to yourself)!




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