Nuts & Caramel. Two Sweet Ideas From One Japanese Pâtissier

Nuts & Caramel. Two Sweet Ideas From One Japanese Pâtissier

Hironobu Tsujiguchi is among the most celebrated pastry chefs in modern Japan. He’s the mind behind a wide variety of sweets brands scattered across the country, and two of his highlights go under the spotlight here. Feve and Caramelier both offer up snack-sized treats, utilizing caramel among other flavors to create a decadent way to enjoy between-meal times.

Meet The Master

Born in 1967, Hironobu Tsujiguchi spent years working at a famous pastry store in Tokyo after leaving high school. In the 1990s, his career bloomed, as he racked up international awards for his dessert items and started his own stores in the capital (while also popping up on the popular cooking show Iron Chef).

The next decade was just as lush, with more shops and new ventures such as online magazines focused on sweet eats. Three decades on and Tsujiguchi is still going strong.

Snack Options

Among Tsujiguchi’s latest developments are two brands offering up bite-sized items capturing the rich sweetness he has become known for all over the country. Best of all, you can enjoy them in upcoming shipments of Wowboxes!

Go Nuts - Feve, Popular Sweets Shop in Jiyugaoka

Feve Storefront in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

Feve features a lot of sweet nut snacks, featuring sugary touches and fruit. The shop is located in Jiyugaoka, a place known for having trendy sweets and desserts in Tokyo. Feve has gained popularity by transforming simple beans and nuts into delicacies using his creativities.

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Cashews & Roasted Apple 

The sweet aroma of cinnamon and apples envelops cashews and is paired with roasted apples. The soft taste is also suitable for children to eat. The apples that are harvested in winter are boiled with cinnamon to add layered flavors. Cashews have anti-oxidation and prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is the most suitable for the cold autumn and winter season.

Almonds & Caramel Bananas

Almonds and syrup have always been a simple and popular combination. Feve fries the almonds and drizzle them with thin syrup to give sweet and crunchy texture. The aroma of the almonds after being fried and the moderate sweetness of the syrup are simply delicious. Syrup coated almonds are paired with caramel bananas to give a softer texture.

Almonds are rich in vitamin E, as well as iron, calcium and other minerals that women often lack. This almonds & banana sweets let you take care of yourself while enjoying flavorful and natural snacks. 

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Caramel Delight - Tokyo Danish Carameliser

"Tokyo Danish Carameliser" was originally a snack that Tsujiguchi made privately and shared between fellow pastry chefs and bakers. It was so delicious that it became a topic of discussion among the pastry chefs circle.

The caramel is heated to a moderate consistency, then wrapped in crispy Danish bread and grilled. In addition to the sweetness of caramel, the vanilla and salt from Guérande on the west coast of France are used as hidden flavors which give salty and sweet taste with the crispy texture of danish bread. These crispy bites have the multi-layered deliciousness of high-end cuisine.

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Different Sides Of A Celebrated Sweets Maker

Tsujiguchi remains an important name in the Japanese confectionary scene, and these two brands offer two angles on why he still stands as such a towering figure in the world of dessert.

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