The Many Sides Of Okinawan Seasoning And Cooking Ingredients

The Many Sides Of Okinawan Seasoning And Cooking Ingredients

Okinawan cuisine doesn’t stop with unique dishes, fruits and other creations. It goes all the way down to seasoning and other cooking ingredients. The chain of islands produces top-notch salt, wheat flour and chili pepper, and these three elements have been incorporated into a wide variety of snacks. A handful of those can be had in our February Tabi Box and Omiyage Box

Worth Your Salt - Ishigaki Sea Salt

Among the island’s many great culinary creations, Okinawa, especially Ishigaki island, produces some of the tastiest salt in all of Japan.

Thanks to the climate, closeness to the ocean and ample sunlight, salt production has been central to the prefecture for centuries (pushed further by the need for salt to help preserve many of the other foods famous on the archipelago).

Okinawan salt has become in-demand not just nationwide, but worldwide. For this month's Okinawa Theme Box, we have curated 2 snacks using Ishigaki Salt so you can taste the pure umami flavor of Okinawa.

Shrimp Senbei Ishigaki Sea Salt

Salt helps bring out the great taste of shrimp in the High Sai Ebisen, a delicious shrimp-flavored rice cracker fried with shrimp kneaded into the dough and seasoned with Okinawan salt. It has taken to the next level by the Okinawan preservative.

That can be found in the February Omiyage Box.

Ishigaki Sea Salt Pretzel

Alongside that, you can also sample a salt pretzel featuring the titular seasoning harvested from the island of Ishigaki. It is a taste that makes the best use of the ingredients and elevates a familiar treat to a new level. Crunchy and unique in its flavor, you will enjoy this savory snack!

You can find this snack in Omiyage March Box.

Taste In Bloom - Iejima Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is another delicious ingredient produced in Okinawa, and the main area cultivating wheat in Okinawa is Iejima. They While you would think that this is mostly an element for cooking, it also shows up in various snacks too.

Iejima has gigantic fields of golden wheat are harvested and its flours are used to make delicious wheat chips!

Located in west of Okinawa, Iejima has been cultivating wheat since Ryukyu kingdom (1429~1879). 

No pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it retains more natural nutritional value than ordinary wheat flour. The extremely high aroma and rich flavor are the favorites of Japanese pastry chefs and chefs.

One stellar example appears in this month’s Tabi Box. Kekkun-Iejima Wheat Flour Chips with salt flavor shows that the wheat flour can be used as a base to create a crispy, tasty snack perfect for between meals.

A delicious thinly spread whole grain dough that is fried crisply and particularly seasoned to make the best use of the aroma of wheat! Kekkun uses wheat that was cultivated utilizing multipurpose microbial EM technology as fertilizer, providing safe and secure wheats that does not rely on pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The snack makers are also particular about the soil preparation at the Iejima family wheat fields to make the best snacks for safe consumption. Every ingredient used for this snack are made in Iejima Island!

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Spice Of Life - Shima Togarashi

Okinawa’s chili pepper mix — known as “togarashi” in Japanese — is among the spiciest in the whole country, and is celebrated by heat-seekers in Japan. 

Want to taste authentic Okinawa heat? Then you must try Ishigaki's Chili Oil (Taberu Rayu/食べるラー油) where the chilis are stir-fried in oils for fragrance.

We have sourced one perfect chips using Taberu Rayu for you to taste it!

In the Omiyage Box, you can experience Spicy Oil Chips, which use the Okinawan spice from Ishigaki Island to create a hot snack that will require you have a drink on hand. You can enjoy Island Pepper (Shima Togarashi) strong heat and aroma with every bite.

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Shima Togarashi Fried Peanut Mochi Chips

Meanwhile, the Island Pepper Fried Peanuts Chips in the Tabi Box use the spice to add some intensity to a crispy snack. 

By making the island pepper into powder and using it on the chips, the flavor of the shrimp will be outstandingly enhanced.

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Enjoy The Authentic Okinawan Flavors

Because of the clear water, warm weather, and mineral rich soil, Okinawa is the perfect place to grow in-depth flavor ingredients. After learning some of the Okinawa most famous produce, which one do you want to try the most? Sign up to Omiyage Box or Tabi Box by Feb 28 to enjoy these naturally grown local flavors.

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