The area surrounding the ancient city, Kyoto, is full of tea fields, while all kinds of speciality stores exist within city limits focused on brewing up a memorable cup of matcha (“green tea” in Japanese).

Matcha isn’t just something that has to be enjoyed in liquid form. This month, WOWBOX’s Tabi Box and Omiyage Box features an assortment of snacks utilizing green tea, giving you a chance to sample one of Kyoto’s finest items from wherever you are. 

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Kyoto has abundance of temples and other historic buildings dotting the scenery. That sense of history carries over to the area’s culinary history, with some of the most iconic Japanese foods being at their finest here.

Among the many culinary delights dotting Kyoto is green tea (matcha in Japanese), and as WOWBOX celebrates the ancient capital this month in both our Tabi Box and Omiyage Box, that tea taste plays a prominent role in almost every snack present.  

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Spring signals a lot of big changes in Japan, and it’s also the season of sakura. Naturally, every element of Japanese society celebrates the fleeting gorgeousness of the country’s nation tree.

That includes snack makers, especially more regional ones, creating special eats to match the pink-heavy period of the year. Want to know how these local Japanese snack maker's take on sakura flavor taste like? Read on to learn more.

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