Spring signals a lot of big changes in Japan, and it’s also the season of sakura. Naturally, every element of Japanese society celebrates the fleeting gorgeousness of the country’s nation tree.

That includes snack makers, especially more regional ones, creating special eats to match the pink-heavy period of the year. Want to know how these local Japanese snack maker's take on sakura flavor taste like? Read on to learn more.

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Springtime in Japan means the cherry blossoms will soon bloom, giving people across the country the chance to see the stunning pink beauty of the sakura. It’s also the reason major snack companies in Japan need to roll out special limited-time snacks featuring sakura flavors and packaging. 

This month’s edition of the Omiyage Box from Wowbox celebrates these limited-edition items, giving folks all around the world a chance to enjoy some of Japan’s sakura treats!

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