Something Sweet For Your Valentine

Something Sweet For Your Valentine

You might be tired of giving your Valentine the usual box of chocolate from your local store. May we suggest surprising your Valentine with something new & unique! Gift our February Valentine's WOWBOX that contains some sweets that will surely make them feel special.

New and limited, these sweets are here for only this winter season! You bet we are putting them into our WOWBOX so you can have it! Make sure to subscribe to our February WOWBOX before January 31!


Pure Gummy filled with a Chocolate Jelly Center

A heart-shaped gummy covered in a sour powder that brings out the deliciousness of the fruit and 'pulp like texture' that spreads the fruity taste as you chew! This gummy isn't made with any regular juice fruit, but instead with fruit juice from Nagasaki, the region that is known for their delicious food from both the land the sea. This also includes drinks made with seasonal fruit and freshly squeezed. 

Unlike other Pure Gummy, the 'Pure Chocolat Nagasaki Sachinoka' has a chocolate jelly in the center! It is also the first Pure Gummy to have this rich taste of chocolate jelly in the center. Best of all this gummy is loaded with vitamin C and collagen to boast your health and beauty!


Milky Cream Cookies a Delightful Taste

Peko-chan, the lip-licking girl with pigtails, is the popular Milky mascot for the soft-flavored candy that is a beloved Japanese treat. Peko-chan is here bringing the Milky flavor into the form of cookies! Cream is wrapped in a crunchy cookie, kneaded with Milky flavors, which are made with condensed milk from Hokkaido. If you don't know yet, Hokkaido's claim to fame is their acclaimed Hokkaido Milk! That is because the milk tastes smooth and rich, with a creaminess that will coat your mouth! Hokkaido milk is used in a wide range of products such as chocolates, desserts, ice cream, and this Milky cookies.

You can enjoy the taste of crisp cookies and cream in this new and limited Fujiya cookies that goes perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee! Make sure to try it and find out why Milky is beloved by many Japanese people.


Now that you had a sneak peek of what is inside the Valentine's February WOWBOX make sure to gift one to your loved ones or for yourself as well! Subscribe Before 1/31!


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