World's First 'Strawberry Coca-Cola' Born in Japan!

World's First 'Strawberry Coca-Cola' Born in Japan!

The world's first ever strawberry flavor Coca-Cola was born in Japan at the end of January 2020! It is always a topic of discussion every time a new flavor is launched. After the Coca-Cola Peach that sparked the trend in 2018, this winter the Coca-Cola Strawberry is the newest flavor that is available exclusively in Japan.

Of course WOWBOX wouldn't miss this limited soda! It's yours if you subscribe to the 'Original' or 'Mix' WOWBOX before 2/29 and selecting '500ml Bottle Drink' as an add-on. You will receive this bottle of strawberry cola with your 'Sakura Box' in March!


The first ever strawberry coke!

Following the past peach and apple flavors, Japanese national actress, Ayase Haruka, once again collaborated with Japan's Coca-Cola to endorse the Strawberry Coca-Cola. Strawberries are a popular seasonal fruit during Japanese winter, that is why this flavor is being released as a limited edition seasonal flavor.

You might be thinking, "Doesn't strawberry Coke sound like they are just adding strawberry flavor to ordinary Coke?" You are wrong. This new cola not only has a unique strawberry taste, but also has a balanced combination of rich strawberry fruit aroma and cola. A great balance of flavors!



This year's Strawberry Coca-Cola is designed with the theme of 'The World's first taste.' In addition to the taste, the packaging has also changed to a cute pale pink color and frizzy strawberry pattern. The bottle's body has been deliberately modified into a curve that fits easy in any hands.

When Coca-Cola Japan published on Instagram on January 8th about the limited edition seasonal flavor, netizens went crazy and couldn't wait for the release of the new strawberry flavor! The anticipation for this drink was high! Like the netizens we were ready to get our hands on the Strawberry Coca-Cola to present it to you!

Don't worry if you can't find this Coke in your country because now WOWBOX will send it to you! Order the 'Original' or 'Mix' WOWBOX before 2/29 and add-on a 500ml Bottle Drink! In addition to this limited drink you will be getting for March the 'Sakura Box' filled with limited sakura-themed flavored snacks, such as Sakura POCKY, Asahi Sakura candy, and more!





What do you think about the world's first Strawberry Coca-Cola? Do you think you will love it? What do you think the next flavor should be? Share and comment below your opinions. 


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