Start The New Year On A Healthy Note By Japanese Premium Snacks

Start The New Year On A Healthy Note By Japanese Premium Snacks

Let’s be real — the past year has been tough, and nobody would blame you if you let your health slip a bit amidst a stressful 12 month stretch. With 2021 on the horizon...and some better news starting to come down the is a good time to start eating healthier again. The January Health & Beauty Wowbox features all kinds of great foods that are good for you too.

A Better Way Of Snacking
Feve: Fava Beans & Paprika Shrimp

The Feve Brand of crispy Japanese snacks take natural ingredients and use spices to enhance the flavor even more. Their Broad Beans (or Fava Beans) & Shrimp Parika offering takes beans and covers them in a pleasant shrimp flavoring, offering a subtle taste of the sea that also comes packed with the vitamin B2, which is considered great for one’s beauty. A little extra paprika flavor gives it a kick, too!

Spice Of Life
Feve Cashew & Wasabi Soy Sauce

If you aren’t keen on shrimp taste, Feve also offers a Cashew & Wasabi Soy Sauce that packs the same level of heat with all of the health benefits too.

Best of all... both of them come in the January Health & Beauty Box, so you can compare and contrast.

Simple And Satisfying
10 Types of Vegetable Crackers

Sometimes, a very basic food offering can be among the tastiest and healthiest option out there. These unscented vegetable crackers incorporate 10 types of veggies into its dough, helping pack all kinds of nutrients and tastes into one snack perfect for any time of the day.

A Swirl Of Great Flavors
Densundo Shrimp Senbei Camembert & Avocado Flavor

Created by a snack maker that has been crafting great treats balancing tradition with new taste, Densundo’s Shrimp Senbei Camembert & Avocado Flavor cracker combines the winning tastes of  shrimp, cheese and avocado into a great thing to munch on that also won’t add too much to your caloric count.

Sharp Flavor, Great Benefits
Chaya Ginger & Chia Seed Granola

Temperatures might be dipping now that winter has set in, but the ginger used in this granola will help keep your body warm. Better still is the chia seed sprinkled in, which features all kinds of health benefits that will make you feel less guilty about eating between meals.

Start Your 2021 Right

After a tough year, now is the time to kick off a healthier approach to snacking, and our Health And Beauty Box for January can help 2021 begin on a positive note. 

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