Rank Sakura Snacks for 'Sakura WOWBOX' Coming in March [Orders Starts Feb 1st]

Rank Sakura Snacks for 'Sakura WOWBOX' Coming in March [Orders Starts Feb 1st]

As you might have guessed it, Japanese Sakura (cherry blossom) is a big deal here. There are many activities and snacks surrounding the season! You will find sakura-themed products appear in stores all across Japan.

All of these sakura flavored delights will only be here for a limited time. Although it's only January, WOWBOX is already collecting snack for the 'Sakura Box' for March!

But before that we want to hear your opinion! Here is a list of potential sakura-themed snacks that we have our eyes on. Comment below and rank the snacks you want to see in the 'Sakura WOWBOX.'

Glico Pocky Sakura Matcha

A fun Pocky with a combination of sakura and matcha flavors! Chocolate that uses Uji matcha with umami richness, covering the pretzel that contains sakura leaf extract.


Glico Cream Collon Adult's Sakura Matcha

Delicious and fragrant sakura flavored cream made with Japanese sakura, is wrapped in a bittersweet matcha waffle using Nishio Matcha. It's an elegant taste that will satisfy adults who are not looking for a treat that is too sweet. 


Pocky from Japan Sakura Shitate

A Pocky with a Japanese touch. The pretzel with a burnt butter scent is wrapped in sweet cherry chocolate. The subtle saltiness enhances the cherry flavor.


Bourbon Blanc Tulle Mini Sakura Flavor

You can enjoy the delicious flavor of Langues De Chat cookies and sakura flavored chocolate combined together for a gratifying treat. 


Calbee Kappa Ebisen Sakura Shrimp

The whole sakura shrimp is kneaded and finished with a light and crispy texture, making this savory chips delightful to eat. The new slender shape makes it easier for you to grab and eat. 


Tyrol Sakura Mochi

Sakuras are wrapped in cherry chocolate and red bean chocolate mixed with salted powder from sakura leaves. This Tyrol reproduces the traditional Japanese Sakura Mochi sweet in Tyrol's chocolate style!


Ikedaya Sakura Senbei

A faint sakura flavored rice cracker that are pleasant to eat and have with tea. 


AsahiG MINTIA Sakura (Flavor Tablet Candy)

Refresh your breath with these Mintia candy tablet. A tablet that spreads the scent of sakura throughout your mouth. A sugarless tablet featuring a slim package with beautiful sakura design.


Now that you know the potential snacks, please help us pick. Your comments will help us determine which snacks are a definite green light!

Look forward in seeing our 'Sakura WOWBOX' coming soon (Start Subscribing on February 1st to 29th to have yours). To be informed of it's release sign-up to our newsletter!




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  • Sonia Chang

    Delicious food experience.


    all kinds of content look delicious

  • Sharon Hickman

    LOVE it ALL!

  • Kathirae Sjobeck

    I love cherry flavor anything so I love all that is in this box.

  • Michelle S.

    1. Ikedaya Sakura Senbei
    2. Tyrol Sakura Mochi
    3. Calbee Kappa Ebisen Sakura Shrimp
    4. Glico Cream Collon
    5. Pocky Sakura Shitate
    6. Pocky Sakura Matcha
    7. AsahiG MINTIA Sakura
    8. Bourbon Blanc Tulle Mini Sakura Flavor

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