WOWBOX Relaunch! What’s New?

WOWBOX Relaunch! What’s New?

It’s been a crazy last couple of months, but in a good way, as we prepared for this relaunch. We are finally able to present to you the New WOWBOX. You might be wondering what has changed besides the whole look? Is there anything else new? So let me give you all the details and why we are so giddy to make this happen for YOU! Yes, this relaunch was focused to improve your snacking experience and to share our love for Japanese snacks to the rest of the world.

For starters, we want to make sure that you get our mission!

 WOWBOX is here to make snacking easy for any lifestyle. It shouldn’t be a challenge to get yummy snacks, and with WOWBOX you can enjoy the latest Japanese offerings at your own pace. Whether you’re a student juggling assignments, a worker going through the daily grind, a mom taking care of their children, or anything in between, WOWBOX can slide in to your life and offer some tasty relief!

To make things less complicated we present to you 2 types of boxes that are carefully curated and friendly priced!


Original Box

 Let’s talk about the price! ‘Original’ large box starts at ONLY $27 USD with free shipping! We believe we are the cheapest in the market and plus you will be getting delicious snacks that are limited, new, and simply tasty! We make sure you don’t get just filler snacks (unlike some of our competitors), but perfect sizable to-go snack sizes that just fits inside your bag so that you can take it anywhere you want and have it whenever you are hungry.

We love snacking as much as you do so we understand what it is to get our hands on scrumptious and quality tasting snacks! The delicious and trendiest snacks will be in your box making its way to you. Click here to see 'Original' box!


Mix Box

As a member of WOWBOX I enjoy snacking as much as anyone else, but sometimes I am conscious of what I eat, and this is where ’Mix’ box comes in! Don’t worry there will still be some of those original Japanese snacks, but also some of that yummy healthy treats. Half and half! We will include snacks that contain health-boosting properties that pack plenty of flavor in every bite! ‘Mix’ large size will also start ONLY at $27 USD with free shipping!  Click here to see 'Mix' box! 


It pays to be a part of WOWBOX family!

We have implemented points and reward system so you benefit as part of our family. There are various ways to earn points, such as creating an account, referring a friend, having a birthday, and more! Once you rack up those points make sure to exchange it to cash where you can spend it on our marketplace (coming soon)!

Also the more you earn, the higher your ranks reach, and the better benefits you'll get!


Got something to tell us?

Please do! We are committed in making WOWBOX the best experience you have with a Japanese subscription box. To do that we are all ears to your comments and reviews that you leave at our website or social media! We will be improving our selections & rotating flavors based on how you react to us. So make sure you leave that comment rather it is good or bad! 


Wait, there is more! Future updates coming soon. 

Our members have so much more ideas that we are still implementing it to the website! So you got to come back again to visit us to see the changes we have in store for you, such as future add-ons, tracking, marketplace, and more! Also 'Regular' sized box will be coming soon with an even LOWER PRICE!

Our work here is not done as we try to bring about more changes! If you have any suggestions please let us know. We would love to try to bring all these improvements to you as soon as possible.  


Now that I have told you what’s new at WOWBOX are you ready to celebrate and join us in this relaunch? Head to our website now and see everything I’ve told you for yourself. Here is your party hat! We are happy to have you with us at this relaunch and new start!


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