[Bonus Snack Campaign] Premium Box Has Reborn! Snack Peek to Upcoming Themes: Okinawa, Sakura, and Kyoto.

[Bonus Snack Campaign] Premium Box Has Reborn! Snack Peek to Upcoming Themes: Okinawa, Sakura, and Kyoto.

WOWBOX aims to bring the best and most authentic Japanese experience to you. It's been a couple of months since we released our Premium Boxes, and we have been gathering feedback from our members. Most of you mentioned hoping to see 'City or Region' theme, and we've got you!

Starting from February, Healthy & Beauty Box and Prefecture box will merged together and become 'Tabi Box', and Original Box will become 'Omiyage Box'!

You might ask: Why Tabi & Omiyage?

Tabi means journey or travel while Omiyage means souvenir in Japanese. Tabi Box will take you on a journey to different cities every month with premium treats selected from local artisans and historical shops. Omiyage Box has mix selection of local shops and national brands with limited regional flavors that'd be a perfect monthly 'omiyage' from Japan to you!

Both Omiyage Box and Tabi Box will feature a new city or special theme every month, taking you to explore Japan's 47 prefectures unique flavors. The upcoming three months themes are: Okinawa March Box, Sakura April Box, and Kyoto May Box.

To celebrate this new change, we're holding a Bonus Snack Campaign with limited Kyoto treats + up to $6 OFF that you won't find anywhere else. More info towards the end of this article so don't miss out!

Okinawa March Box - Experience Authentic Island Culture & Flavors

WOWBOX will be featuring a different city every month starting from February, and we are taking to you Okinawa for the March Box!

What comes to your mind when thinking of Okinawa? If you're not familiar with Okinawa, it consists of 113 islands in the Pacific Ocean, located in the southwest corner of Japan. From Tokyo, it takes about three hours by airplane to get to the capital, Naha, located on the main island. From there, it’s easy to take flights to the other islands in the area, or even access them by ferry.

The most famous Okinawa local ingredients such as Black Sugar, Beni imo (red potato), Sea Salt, and Tropical Fruits. Not sure how they taste like? We have included all of these iconic Okinawan flavors in our March Box so you can experience yourself!

We will be introducing all the local flavors starting from February, but for now, we are going to introduce a globally famous omiyage snack brand to give you a sneak peek of what's coming into the box.

Okashi Goten - Beni imo Red Potato Tart

If you have been to Okinawa, then you must have seen this treat all over the local souvenir shops. Their storefront looks like a palace which reflects their name 'Goten' meaning palace in Japanese to give it a fun vibe.

Established in 1979, they have been the top brand specializing in beni imo red potato tart, and won the highest honorary award in National Confectionery Expo.

This original red potato tart is baked without using preservatives or coloring, and has been the winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award for the sixth consecutive year! 

An exquisite combination of a paste made from 100% red potatoes from Okinawa. The boat-shaped tart is packed with the infamous beni imo red potato. The dense red potato puree and the crispy tart compliment each other like a harmonious duo with the elegant sweetness. No wonder it's the most popular souvenir snack every traveler will bring home when they come to Okinawa.

Aside from the red potato tart, you can experience all the delicious treats made from Okinawa local ingredients in our Tabi March Box: Okinawa Island Flavor by Feb 28.

Want to know more about Okinawa? Click here to know what Okinawa is famous for!

Experience A Different City Every Month

After Okinawa March Box, the upcoming themes are Sakura April Box and Kyoto May Box. You can expect those pink and cherry flavors sakura treats in April Box; Matcha and Kyoto themed treats made by Kyoto confectionery brands in May Box to experience authentic Kyoto flavor.


*UPDATED ON FEB 17, 2021

Starting from today until Feb 28, we are having Bonus Snack Campaign to the subscription plan, plus up to $10 OFF! Details applied to both Tabi Box and Omiyage Box.

1 Month Plan: Tropical Coconut Pocky + Pochinyan Kyoto Cat Shaped Cookie

We've upgraded to 2 Bonus Snacks for both boxes' 1-Month Plan!

Coconut Pocky: These dried coconut crips covered by rich chocolate will transport you to the sunshine and beach as if you are in Okinawa with every bite!

Kyoto Cat Cookies: Let these cute Kyoto cat shaped cookie bring a smile to your face! One cat & one package design will be randomly picked as your bonus snack.

Subscribe by 2/28 & Two Bonus Snacks Will Automatically Add to Your 1st Box.

Click here & Subscribe to Omiyage Box now!

3 Month Plan: Kyoto Kimono Cookie Box + $3 OFF

What is the better way to bring a little Kyoto flare to your life than these cute kimono shaped chocolate cookies? One box has three different designed patterns kimono cookies, and you'll get a whole box as bonus snack for 3-month plan!

Additional $3 OFF code: OKINAWA3

Want this kimono cookies set? Don't forget to sign up for Tabi Box or Omiyage Box 3-Month plan by 2/28!

6 Month Plan: Kyoto Cat & Kimono Cookie Box + $10 OFF

Don't know which Kyoto cookies to choose? Well, how about just get both! If you subscribe 6 Month Plan by 2/28, you'll get Kyoto Cat Cookie + Kyoto Kimono Cookie Box in your 1st box. Plus, enjoy additional $10 OFF just to make it easier for you!

Extra $10 OFF code: 6OKINAWA

Get both Kyoto cookies by using the $10 code when you sign up for Tabi Box or Omiyage Box 6-Month plan by 2/28!

We will release more news about our new themes on Facebook, Instagram, and Newsletters, so remember to follow & stay tuned!

Wanna know more about Okinawa, the treasure of the south? Click here to learn Okinawa's history, culture, famous ingredients, and must go & must eat!



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