OkashiGoten - A Sweets Escape Famous in Okinawa!

OkashiGoten - A Sweets Escape Famous in Okinawa!

Okinawa boasts no shortage of great ingredients and dishes, with one of the highlights being the purple beni imo, a purple sweet potato featuring a unique taste. Okashigoten, a confectionary maker located on the main island of Okinawa in the island chain, is renowned for their take on the purple treat, turning it into a tasty tart that has become one of the top souvenirs from the region.

They have helped turn the healthy beni imo into one of the most popular Okinawan treats in the greater country...and has even enjoyed inroads internationally.

Purple Wonder - Natural Color, Rich in Nutrient

The beni imo is one of the many foods that define Okinawan cuisine. This is a variety of sweet potato with a purple interior.

It is loaded with health benefits (as the video above lays out) — running from a high amount of dietary fiber to anti-aging oxidants to all kinds of vitamins and minerals good for one’s health.

It is comparable to the Ube, a type of purple yam, popular in the West. Beni imo has enjoyed newfound attention as a superfood, and one of the reasons Okinawans appear to live so long overall.

The Center Of Okinawan Sweets

Opened in 1979, Okashigoten on the main island of Okinawa creates a wide range of sweets using Okinawan ingredients, sold in a main shop connected directly to the factory where they come from.

Visitors can come and enjoy desserts at a special restaurant, or they can just stop by to purchase one of their signature creations. Though people don’t have to go to the source to get them — their goods are sold all over the island. Especially their signature creation, the beni imo tart.

Sweet Potato With A Crunch 

Beni imo is combined with crispy pastry in Okashigoten’s beni imo tart, which has biome one of the standout snacks hailing from Okinawa. It captures the memorable taste of the sweet potato with a crunchy pasty.

There are many ways to enjoy this purple tart. Besides eating it in room temperature, you can also put it in the fridge during summer to enjoy cold creamy texture of beni imo paste, and heat it up in oven during winter to enjoy a freshly baked flavors!

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The Go-To For Okinawa Sweets

Okashigoten captures the wonderful flavors of Okinawa — specifically the beni imo — in their creations. Lucky for you, all you have to do is order one of our Tabi Boxes by 2/28 to get it rather than fly out to the islands themselves. 

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