New Changes Taking Place at WOWBOX

New Changes Taking Place at WOWBOX

A lot has happened within the past few weeks, and we are excited to launch some new ideas that our members have been working on in the past few months! Not only that, WOWBOX has made a huge decision in changing shipping services due to the pandemic and because of the suggestions left by a lot of you subscribers in wanting DHL Service in order to get the package quicker and safely! We thank you for your patience in allowing us to figure the best course of action.

With your encouragement and support, here are the important changes that will take place in WOWBOX!

1. Launching 2 new themed premium boxes!
2. Upgraded shipping to express shipping method + SMS tracking number.
3. 'Original Box' changes & price increase

1. Launching 2 new themed premium boxes!

Prefecture Box

We understand that traveling restrictions have kept many from experiencing something new, but we decided to bring the authentic taste of Japan to your doorstep with this new addition! We have restrictively selected snacks from the 47 Prefectures in Japan, from must-buy souvenirs to well-established local shops confectionery made by artisans. We will take you to explore Japan from a new perspective and with your taste buds!

Click here to view & order 'Prefecture Box.'

Healthy & Beauty Box

We have to thank those who have stayed with our 'Mix Box' for this long, but as you might have heard, September 'Mix Box' was the last of 'Mix Box'. It has now transitioned into something new and exciting! We introduce you the 'Healthy & Beauty Box!' The snacks inside uses the purest domestic ingredients in Japan, allowing you to taste the natural flavor of the ingredients.

Each month we bring you a new taste of regional snacks that fall into one or more of these categories: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, and additive free. Fall in love with delicious and healthy Japanese artisan confectionery snacks that helps you maintain a healthy and active body!

Click here to view & order 'Healthy & Beauty Box.'

2. Now we have Free Express Shipping and SMS tracking number

We have been monitoring the pandemic situation for months and have decided to switch over to DHL Express Shipping to provide better service. DHL Services will allows us to continue shipping to all countries once again! Previous 'Paused Subscription Plans' will start again and will resume its course!

We will also like you to note that with DHL Shipping there is a rise in price, BUT it will guarantee that your WOWBOX will arrive within 3-5 business days! Plus you will get instant SMS Tracking Number once the box is scanned! No more stress!

3. 'Original Box' Changes and Price

This leads us to the price increase for 'Original Box.' By switching over to DHL Express Shipping ALL previous subscriptions will be automatically charged to the new price of $43 USD on the renewal date set on September 15th. What you will get for this price is a better plan that comes with 1 drink + Free DHL Express Shipping + SMS Tracking Number notifications.

Another big change for 'Original Box' is that Medium size box will be discontinued! Only Large size will be available from September 1st. All subscribers that have signed up for M Size 'Original Box', we will personally contact you individually. We encourage you to consider upgrading to Large size box, which contains more snacks and now includes a drink+ free express shipping + SMS tracking number! 

We understand if you do not wish to continue with your 'Original Box' subscription plan. Please feel free to contact us ( and we will assist you in stopping your subscription and processing your refund. Please make sure to contact us before September 14th.

9/2 Update: Currently 'Original Box' is under maintenance mode as the changes above is being applied to the box. We hope to bring the 'Original Box' page back by Monday (9/7).

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

We do hope that you are excited for the new changes as we launch 2 new boxes with artisanal Japanese confectioneries and souvenir type snacks that are not available in local supermarkets! Also a better shipping service that will bring you peace of mind and the guarantee that you will have your delicious Japanese snacks delivered faster! Let WOWBOX take you on this adventure as we explore Japan through food!


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