Launching the Premium Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes for 'Prefecture Box' and 'Healthy & Beauty Box'

Launching the Premium Japanese Snack Subscription Boxes for 'Prefecture Box' and 'Healthy & Beauty Box'

Have you snatched up the previous one-time purchase Premium Boxes: 'Prefecture Box' and 'Healthy & Beauty Box'? These Premium Boxes exclusively include snacks from the 47 prefecture in Japan with Japanese confectionery carefully selected from brands with long history and story. Due to the enthusiastic response, we decided to officially launch the subscription version!

The monthly subscription plans are available now and every month the snacks will switch featuring a new surprise! To celebrate, we have special promotion "Bonus Snack + Discount" for subscription plans only. Check the bottom of this post to read more details.

See below the latest snacks in this month's 'Prefecture Box' and 'Healthy & Beauty Box' that you do not want to miss! 

Prefecture Box: Exploring Fukuoka's Unique Snack

For the first ‘Prefecture’ Subscription Box we are introducing snacks from Fukuoka (福岡). Fukuoka is Kyushu's largest and populated city, with 6.8 million international passengers in 2019. Fukuoka city is full of modern amenities, but you can also see its historical side in the form of temples, shrines, and ancient buildings. Fukuoka is also located next to the sea, so you can also enjoy the beach and fresh seafood.

The Hakata district remains Fukuoka’s central districts and its full of restaurants serving delicious food, including Yatai (food stalls) that line the riverfront at night selling ramen or other types of food. Fukuoka is known for its fresh and high quality mentaiko (cod roe). Mentaiko are served on many Japanese dishes either raw or cooked. They are also found in specialty snacks such as in senbeis (rice crackers), rusk, and more. This month we are going to explore Fukuoka’s many flavors, with exclusive and unique snacks, including Hakata’s specialty mentaiko!

Featuring 3 Highlight Items

1. Mentai Rusk

Mentai Rusk

This shortbread is made by baking French bread in Ishigama twice to form a crispy texture. The surface is coasted with slightly spicy mentaiko and cream, which is fragrant and delicious. Eat it as a snack or top it off with your favorite cheese or hummus.

2. Kirara Strawberry

Kirara Strawberry

Amao strawberries are of high standard in color, size, sweetness, and juice content, and are second to none among the many strawberry varieties in Japan. The Kirara Strawberry is a biscuit with a cream filling made with these sweet and sour Amao strawberries. The two pink biscuits sandwiches the thick white chocolate cream. The double taste is crunchy and dense with the delicate and natural sweet and sour taste of strawberry. The crushed corn flakes enhances the taste!

2. Tirolian (Kyushu Paradise)


Traditional biscuit rolls from Austria that have been modified into Japanese flavors. Crispy biscuits rolls made with fresh milk and cream, with homemade light cream filling, combined to form a harmonious sweet!

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Healthy & Beauty Box: Perfect Functional Snacks

Healthy & Beauty Box

Looking for something that is healthy and functional for your body? We made sure to select for the first 'Healthy & Beauty' Subscription Box, snacks that are not only tasty, but simple with clean ingredients that deliver on functionality, such as proteins, fibers, and probiotics. The functional ingredients will not only help with your nutrient intake, but also help impact your health in a positive manner.

Featuring 3 Highlight Items

1. Chaya Butter Sand Chocolate

Chaya Butter Sand Chocolate: Healthy & Beauty Box

This vegetarian snack is made with 'Rice flour macrobi butter sand' that is a gluten-free rice flour made from superfood golden berries, pistachios, and oranges, along with macrobi specific butter made without using dairy products.Instead of using white sugar, Chaya uses mineral-rich dates syrup, maple syrup, and low GI mat starch syrup, and sea salt from Oku Noto sea. The Chaya Butter Sand chocolate is coated with white sugar-free macrobiotic chocolate that is slightly bitter and goes well the the rich flavors. You will be amazed how rich and delicious it is, even though it uses only plant-based ingredients!

2. Lotus Roots Chips

Lotus roots chips: Healthy & Beauty Box

Since its establishment in 1987, the company has adhered to the traitional preparation method and using only three simple ingredients: Japanese lotus roots, vegetable oil (Japanese rice oil), and salt (Tokushima Naruto sea salt). Strictly selecting high-quality lotus roots from Nissan that are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, tannins, and lutin. Using healthy rice oil and sea salt from Tokushima Naruto for simple seasoning to preserve the natura flavor. This snack is healthy and safe to eat.

3. Beauty Marshmallow

Beauty marshmallow

The confectionery uses Morinaga Milk's exclusive 'Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria' technology for this beauty marshmallow! There are 10 billion lactic acid bacteris in one bag, which can activate the immune cells of the intestines and improve the body's immunity. The improvement can also make the skin better.

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Which Premium Boxes do you wish to have? Don't forget to subscribe from now until 10/31! From November, a new selection of snacks will be automatically renewed and sent to your home when you sign-up, guaranteeing that you do not miss any of the unique prefecture Japanese snacks!

Plus, we have special campaign "Bonus Snack + Discount" going in October just for the subscription plan! 

1 Month Plan: 5%OFF + 2~3 Premium Bonus Snacks
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3 Months Plan: 5%OFF + 5+ Premium Bonus Snacks
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6 Months Plan: $25 OFF + 2+ Premium Large Bonus Snacks
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12 Months Plan: $60 OFF + 2+ Premium Large Bonus Snacks 
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Debating what box you should pick?

Prefecture Box: This box is perfect for those who love to travel and wants a little adventure for their taste buds! As each regional snack has its different unique taste, local Japanese flavor, or even a cool modern twist to a traditional Japanese treat! This box won't disappoint when it comes to bringing something new and unique.

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Healthy & Beauty Box: This box is perfect for those who are seeking to keep a healthy diet but still crave for that savory or sweet snack. It is a combination of flavors and domestic ingredients where several of the snacks fall into one or more of these categories: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, and additive free.

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