Kyoto Uji Matcha: A Match-a Made In Heaven

Kyoto Uji Matcha: A Match-a Made In Heaven

Kyoto is renowned for a lot — temples, geisha, a monkey park where the animals get disturbingly close to you. Add green tea to that list. The area surrounding the ancient city is full of tea fields, while all kinds of speciality stores exist within city limits focused on brewing up a memorable cup of matcha (“green tea” in Japanese).

It isn’t just something that has to be enjoyed in liquid form. This month, WOWBOX’s Tabi Box and Omiyage Box features an assortment of snacks utilizing green tea, giving you a chance to sample one of Kyoto’s finest items from wherever you are. 

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A Storied Taste


There’s a reason Kyoto has become so famous for green tea. That’s because records indicate it was the first place where it was introduced to Japan via China, meaning that it has had a particularly long time to morph into the best available in the country.

Head out to the region today and you’ll find countless farms cultivating it, while the city of Kyoto alone features a stunning amount of stores selling powder, drinks and other foods flavored with it. It’s heaven for fans of matcha.

Which...there are a lot of you now. Green tea has enjoyed newfound attention around the world — especially in countries like The United States — thanks to the many health benefits it brings (a few quick hits: source of natural antioxidants, high presence of vitamin C, might help promote weight loss). 

When mentioning Kyoto matcha, you have to bring up the infamous Uji matcha, a name for all matcha produced from Uji, Kyoto. Since ancient time, Uji matcha is seen as high-quality and is often presented to the Imperial Family.

Many local farmers are still applying the traditional method, which has been passing down from generation to generation to produce high-quality tea.

Rich Taste Right To You

You might not be able to book a trip over to Kyoto at the moment, but WOWBOX offers the chance to savor the taste of the classic flavor via our Tabi Box and Omiyage Box for May, loaded up with matcha-flavored snacks. Here are a few of the highlights.

#1 Old Creations With Fresh Ideas

Yatsuhashi are a famous Kyoto confection, featuring a soft mochi-like texture and a rich bean-paste filling, coming together to create the defining sweet of the city. 

One of the longest-running creators of the treat is Higashiyama, and they create a green tea version utilizing a rich green tea taste coupled with a matcha-scented red bean filling, though it’s tough to pick up on the latter given how green this looks. This is like condensing the flavor of Kyoto down into one snack.

#2 Refined Crispiness

Long-running snack Simi Choco has many fans thanks to its crunchy texture and star shape, but now they’ve gone and balanced sweetness and bitter in a way few snacks can. The Matcha Milk special flavor melds green tea with milk, resulting in an interesting flavor profile that works. Coupled with the crispiness, and you have a snack that goes quickly.

#3 Classic On Classic

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Beloved Japanese snack Pocky goes deep with their version of a green tea sweet, loading up the frosting and pretzel base with matcha taste. While lots of snacks in Japan try to highlight a green tea taste, this brand takes it another level by making every inch of the treat packed with the spotlight flavor.

#4 Thin Package, Big Taste

You know a snack is going to be a winner when it sources green tea from Kyoto proper. That’s the case with this tasty wafer treat, which boasts matcha-flavored cream sandwiched between green-hued cracker treats. Making it all the better? Thanks to the strength of the green tea used, these snacks even have a lovely matcha smell surrounding them. 

Kyoto Taste Right To You


Wherever you find yourself, you can enjoy the rich taste of Kyoto green tea if you order this month’s Tabi Box or Omiyage Box. Whether you’ve been a long-time fan of matcha or new to the healthy treat, this is the best chance to see just how much is possible with the flavor.

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