The Different Flavors of Japanese Potatoes with Koikeya 'Comfort Potato' Chips

The Different Flavors of Japanese Potatoes with Koikeya 'Comfort Potato' Chips

Hokkaido produces about 80% of the country's potatoes and is a indispensable partner for Koikeya Co., which continues to produce potato chips with an emphasis on Japanese potatoes. Hokkaido the largest potato production region in Japan, produces various potatoes, each with its different charm and flavor. 

Koikeya has carefully cultivated each production areas and types of potatoes to deliver under the 'PURE POTATO' brand a special 'comfort potato' using 3 different 'brand potatoes.' These limited chips from different areas are the 'Snow March,' the 'Hikaru', and the 'Kitakamui' potato chips that WOWBOX is bringing to your February box!


"Snow March" from Japan Kitamirai.

As the name suggests, from the time of the falling snow to March, the sweetness increases in the potatoes and it becomes even more delicious. The snow march, which has a deep taste and sweetness, is tastefully finished with moderate salt and seafood flavor. You will fall in love with the 'Koikeya Comfort Potato in Salt & Scallop Flavor.'


"Hikaru" from Japan Shihoro.

The potatoes that are cultivated in the vast Tokachi plain have a subtle sweetness and smoothness. Moist and creamy texture in a pale yellow color. The 'Hikaru' from Shihoro has a slightly sweet and smooth finish with an excellent flavor of salt and butter. Enjoy the 'Koikeya Comfort Potato in Salt and Hokkaido Butter Flavor.'


"Kitakamui" from Japan Kitai.

Blessed with a plateau climate at the foot of Mt. It, these round and large potatoes are fine-grained and becomes sweeter after winter. The 'Kitakamui' from Kitai has been used to create a perfectly sweet and round potato chips. The 'Koikeya Comfort Potato with Sat & Vegetables Taste' is an exquisite balance of salt and vegetables flavors that emphasis the taste of the potatoes. 



WOWBOX is entering the era with selecting potato chips that will showcase Japan's potatoes and quality. You can see and taste the different in quality with these 'brand potato' Koikeya chips that will surely satisfy your taste buds!

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