Kawaii Eats - Hello Kitty Mire Biscuit

Kawaii Eats - Hello Kitty Mire Biscuit

Kawaii Eats

No character from Japan looms larger on a global scale than Hello Kitty. The cat character created by Sanrio in the 1970s evolved from a cuddly logo for a coin purse into a global superstar adorning every product imaginable in the world.

This applies to food to, as no shortage of sweets and snacks have featured or even taken on the shape of the feline superstar. That’s the case for these tasty, bite-size biscuits.

A Purr-fect Presence

Hello Kitty's first appearance on a vinyl coin pouch in 1970's / Photo Credit: SoraNews24

Hello Kitty is an unexpected representative for all things kawaii. Created in the 1970s by an employee at a fledgling Japanese company called Sanrio, Hello Kitty originally appeared on a vinyl coin pouch that proved to be surprisingly popular among consumers. Soon enough, the cat — which was described as being “British” by the company, which is one of those factoids that continues to surprise decades onward — became a sensation, and anything featuring her image sold out.

The Hello Kitty balloon above spectators along 6th Ave during the 89th Macy\'s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York / Photo Credit: ibtimes

Hello Kitty soon branched out to the world, appearing on all kinds of merchandise and even appearing in TV shows (not to mention yearly traditions in the United States like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade).

She’s become one of the ultimate pop cultural representatives of Japan on the international stage, and remains massive today... not to mention heavily licensed, as she appears on all kinds of items around the globe.

Feline Food

Unsurprisingly, Hello Kitty has been featured on all kinds of food items too, from theme park offerings to candies found in the sweets section of Japanese convenience stores. This includes a near universe of snacks shaped like Hello Kitty — complete with signature bow and that cute whiskers.

Nomura Hello Kitty Mire Biscuit, complete with a cute bow and whiskers.

One great example comes from snackmaker Nomura, through their Hello Kitty Mire Biscuits. Made from healthy millet flour, these crispy snacks resemble the noggin of the famous cat.

Nomura Shoten in Taisho era / Photo Credit: Nomura Official Website

Nomura Shoten founded in 1923 in Kochi Prefecture, which processes and sells bean confectionery. They started making Mire Biscuit around 1955 using a blend of fried beans oil that has a unique aroma and is healthy. With a slightly salty and simple taste, it was loved by everyone from children to adults in Kochi prefecture. 

Even until now, Nomura has inherited this simple yet umami taste with great care.

These Mire biscuit, fragrant and crispy bite-sized biscuit, are tasty, filling and overall good for you, which is why they are one of the inclusions in the three themed WOWBOXes for January 2021.

Fit For An Icon

This biscuit isn’t just an exercise in corporate branding — it is a healthy choice for snacking, delivering great taste in one of the cuter packages you are bound to come across. 

Want to try this cute Hello Kitty biscuit? You can find this Nomura Mire Biscuit with simple yet umami taste loved by Kochi locals in new year themed Original Box, Prefecture Box, and Healthy & Beauty Box. Subscribe by 12/31 & Let new year WOWBOX bring you welcome joy in 2021!



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