Ishimura - A Fukuoka Sweets Staple with 115 Years of History

Ishimura - A Fukuoka Sweets Staple with 115 Years of History

For decades, Fukuoka sweet shop Ishimura has been creating treats using local ingredients that stand with any you would find in Japan. Part of what helps them standout is that they make both Japanese and foreign-born desserts well, offering a wider variety for people to enjoy. There’s something for everyone here.

Over A Century Of Creation

Ishimura was founded in 1905, and has been consistently creating sweets in the century plus from their base in Fukuoka. In that span, they’ve expanded the number of physical stores across the Fukuoka area by a lot, but have maintained their main store. They also ship to anywhere in the country.

A Wide Array Of Treats

Ishimura is famous for many different kinds of confections. Yet if you were going to pinpoint one specific highlight from the company, you’d probably zoom in on their Tsurunoko creation, a manju-like marshmallow sweet stuffed with a tasty egg yolk filling. They even sell special versions depending on the season, including strawberry, lemon and chestnut flavors.

White Day - Japan's Unique Valentine's Day Culture Started by Ishimura

Ishimura's innovation is not only that. In Japan, it's women who do the gift giving on Valentine's Day, and men will gift a present in return on March 14 which is now called "White Day". But do you know it is Ishimura who started this White Day?

In 1978, Ishimura's president occasionally saw an article in a girl magazine about girls wishing to receive cotton candy as a gift in return from the Valentine's Day, and he thought of creating a "day of gifting back from the Valentine's Day".

He replace the egg yolk filling in Tsurunoko with chocolate, and add the slogan "The chocolate I received from you, wrap it in my tenderness (marshmallow) and return it to you" with the cooperation from the local department store selecting the date being on March 14th.

This event was a big success and became popular all over Japan. Until now, there is still a culture in Japan where boys want to return gifts to girls who gave out chocolates on March 14.

Karatsu Lemon Cake - Sour In A Good Way

Speaking of fruit flavors, Ishimura is also known for creating a very tasty lemon cake. The 'Karatsu Lemon Cake' utilizes citrus grown locally at Karatsu Urada Farm in Kami Saga Prefecture, and utilizes a 100 percent lemon purée in creating these treats. 

The moist cake has a fresh fragrance and the unique bitterness and sourness of lemon. Honey is also added to enhance the rich flavor, adding to the sweet taste.

They Go Soft, Too

Want something chewier to enjoy? Ishimura also creates marshmallows as part of their foreign-inspired treat lineup. Using their signature marshmallow from Tsurunoko, it is a particularly sweet and soft take on the treat.

Marshmallow Chocolate

The soft marshmallow wrap the fragrant chocolate filling, which is a perfect combination of flavors and sweetness. It has been one of the popular items for the past 42 years.

10 Billion Probiotics Beauty Marshmallow

The confectionery uses Morinaga Milk's exclusive 'Shield Lactic Acid Bacteria' technology for this beauty marshmallow! There are 10 billion lactic acid bacterias in one bag, which can activate the immune cells of the intestines and improve the body's immunity. The improvement can also make the skin better.

Something For Everyone

Whether you want a refreshing lemon treat or a new angle on the marshmallow, Ishimura has you covered. 

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