Japan Veggie & Seaweed Chips, A Healthier Way To Crunch

Japan Veggie & Seaweed Chips, A Healthier Way To Crunch

Chips have long been one of the best options for anyone looking to enjoy a snack between meals. Yet this crispy treat is rarely celebrated for its health qualities. An emerging trend in Japan and abroad, however, offers a slightly more body-positive experience. Vegetable chips have become a hit in the country, and are worth checking out wherever you are in the world.

Veggie Tales

Vegetable chips aren’t a new concept. People have been creating crunchy snacks out of a wide variety of veggies for decades. Yet let’s zoom in on Japan specifically for a second. Like most biggie-sized countries, “chips” in the country largely refer to the potato variety, featuring all kinds of flavorings and salt. Far be it from us to judge this snack — they rule! — but they also aren’t the healthiest option.

Vegetable chips tend to be a little better for you, and recently major snack makers and convenience stores have started creating way more veggie options for a country that loves to eat, but also is becoming more health conscious.

No Shortage Of Variety

Pretty much every vegetable can be transformed into a chip. Onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, you name it. For now, let’s highlight three special offerings out of Japan worth your attention.

1. Natural Lotus Root Chips - Lots Of Holes But Plenty Of Flavor

Renkon, better known as lotus root in English, is a popular chip choice in Japan, and it’s easy to see why. The vegetable on its own is super crunchy, and only becomes more crisp when transformed into a chip.

Snack maker Imoya produces a particularly memorable version of it, complete with nutrients and vitamin C (they sum it up best; “it’s healthy”). 

2. GOBOCHI Yuzusco Kyshu Flavor

Japan's super popular burdock sliced snacks, Gobochi, are pure, natural, and additive-free! They are 100% made from Miyazaki's own burdock. They have been awarded the 'Minister of Fisheries Award of Japan' and the cumulative sales have succeeded 500,000 bags.

The Kyushu-limited flavor launched in collaboration with Yuzusco combines the refreshing flavors of grapefruit and slightly spicy Tang Xinzi. In addition to eating it directly, you can also add it to dishes to increase the taste. 

3. Nori Tempura - A Side Becomes The Star

Seaweed can be a snack on its own or a side element to a larger meal. Thanks to snack company Fuga, though, seaweed can also become a chip all its own, with all the health benefits of it carried over to this snack.

'Nori Chips' is carefully selected from Kumamoto's local 'Ariake Nori' to bring the taste and aroma from the sea. The crispy tempura adds enhances the flavors of the nori, making you eat the whole bag without knowing it! 

A Better Way To Snack

You should still eat regular potato chips, but the rise of vegetable chips allows everyone to introduce something healthier into their snacking regiment as well. You don’t have to go hungry between meals — just reach for a bag of veggie chips. 

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