GOHOBI Collagen Jelly Sticks - Fish And Fruit Combine For A Snack Aimed At Beauty

GOHOBI Collagen Jelly Sticks - Fish And Fruit Combine For A Snack Aimed At Beauty

Collagen is a nutrient boasting a bounty of benefits, primarily by improving overall skin health and appearance. Okayama-based company Gohobi harvests collagen from fish and combines it with fruit flavors cultivated from farms in their home region to create tasty jelly treats loaded with health benefits. It’s a delicious way to improve one’s skin look.

A Nutrient For Better Skin

In recent years, collagen has become one of the most sought after supplemental nutrients in the world. This is primarily because of its beauty benefits. Collagen has been celebrated for how it improves the health and quality of one’s skin. Supplements have become a go-to way of getting this nutrient, but consumers have also been seeking out foods that can naturally deliver this nutrient to them. All the better if it can come to them in the form of a tasty snack.

Healthy Jelly

There are many different types of collagen, but fish collagen has been celebrated as the best form of this nutrient. It delivers the most benefits to one’s skin, and is generally the best way to get the health benefits all at once.

Okayama company Gohobi harvests fish for the purpose of extracting collagen and putting it into a jelly stick snack that is great for how one looks and how one feels. They take advantage of their location near the ocean, but that’s not the only local element added in.

Land Meets Sea

To make every one of these collagen jelly sticks delicious, Gohobi works with local farms to get fruits that have been prepared in a special way. Flavors include strawberry and muscat grape, each of them adding a lovely tartness and sweetness to each jelly stick. It tastes so good you won’t even realize you are boosting your skin beauty in the process. 

Gohobi Jelly uses natural fruits that are mashed and freeze-dried quickly to lock in the flavors of the fruit. A box of 1,000mg of collagen is added. According to GOHOBI, the best way to enjoy these jelly is to put in the freezer & taste like popsicle!

Strawberry Flavor: The jelly uses Amao strawberries from Fukuoka which is one of the most popular varieties of all Japanese strawberries because of its sweetness, size, and juice content. The sweetness has a slight acidity.

Muskat Grape Flavor: This jelly uses the Muscat Alexandre grape produced in Okayama that once set a record price of 100,000 yen for a bunch at auction. It has a round and full appearance like a green gem, and the rich taste of the fruit is unmatched by other varieties!

The Best Way To Snack

Improving the quality of your skin doesn’t have to be a tasteless experience. These fruit jellies show that all of the health benefits of fish collagen can be absorbed in a delicious way with the help of fruit flavors.

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