Upcoming Snacks Inside January 2020 WOWBOX

Upcoming Snacks Inside January 2020 WOWBOX

WOWBOX is bringing its A game with some yummy snacks for both Original & Mix box. You will not be disappointed with the careful curation we made that will definitely make your mouth-water in anticipation. As a foodie, we understand you want the latest snacks from Japan and we made sure to deliver it! No filler snacks, but just simply great munchies to start the year 2020 the right way. 

Who doesn't love fruit flavored treats?

These fruit flavored snacks not only have the color pink in common, but all of them are available in 'Mix' box!

You can enjoy the vivid pink Ruby Chocolate derived from cacao without any colorant! Taste the fruity acidity of this unique ruby chocolate, topped with cranberries and almonds. A great blend of flavors and textures all rolled into one delicious Kit Kat! So take a break with this delicious treat.

Hungry for a healthy option, then try these cream brown rice bran sandwiches with a delicious strawberry cheese cream in-between crispy dough. This nutritious and easy-to-eat snack is made with crunchy fragrant dough blended with heat bran and brown rice. It contains dietary fiber and 10 vitamins that promotes a healthy functional body.

Looking for something chewy? Then try this delicious healthy gummy that is made with collagen jelly, lychee juice that is wrapped with plum juice and covered with vitamin C powder. Healthy, juicy, and a refreshing sweet treat! 


Want something Savory? Then we have the 'Pure Potato' for you!

Koikeya Pure Potato snacks are stepping up their game when it comes to flavor and outstanding chips. They use 100% Japanese Potatoes from Hokkaido for all their Pure Potato lineup. Koikeya knows what they are doing and we made sure to include their newest lineup in the 'Original' box for you to try it first hand.


These Koikeya chips bring the smooth and mild taste of rock salt to the simmering truffles to enhance the taste of potatoes! Roasted onion is also used to enhance the taste and create a sense of unity and depth to this already amazing crunchy chips. Enjoy the lingering taste and aroma of potatoes with these high-quality chips that are packed in a convenient ziplock package, keeping the chips fresh for whenever you want to snack.

The other newly developed chips from Koikeya is also a masterpiece of flavors! The mellow flavor of coconut is combined with crisp black pepper taste to enhance the flavors of the potatoes. Chicken, soy sauce, and onion powder are used to add a sense of unity to the taste. Enjoy the lingering aroma of potatoes! You will simply want to devour it completely even if they are in a ziplock bag that are used to reseal for later hours.

The taste of Furano milk butter that blends perfectly well with the Hokkaido potatoes is pleasantly satisfying! I can feel my mouth watering about now. Plus the deep taste of the hidden miso and a sprinkle of black pepper is added for a good aftertaste. It is going to be hard to pick only one favorite Koikeya chips!

Now that we have given you a sneak peek of what is about to come, make sure to subscribe to have yours!

Make sure to head to our website and subscribe for either an 'Original' box or 'Mix' box. Or better yet, why not both so you get to have all these latest snacks! Make sure to keep leaving us comments below so we can keep improving and bringing you the latest snacks that you wish to have.


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