Healthy Living With Chaya Macrobiotic Granola And Sand

Healthy Living With Chaya Macrobiotic Granola And Sand

Japanese food companies are aware of global trends in dieting, and aren’t shy to get in on whatever the latest craze related to eating is sweeping the world.

Kanagawa company Chaya creates snacks geared towards those following a macrobiotic diet, with their granola and dessert sandwich offerings providing sweetness that will make you feel like you are cheating on your dietary restrictions.

Macrobiotic Must-Knows

The macrobiotic diet was developed in the 1920s by George Ohsawa, inspired by Buddhist teachings and focused primarily on reducing the amount of animal products a person eats as part of their daily life. To that end, the diet revolves around organic food, especially grains and vegetables.

There’s more to it than just that, as those practicing also tend to chew food more overall while also shunning certain ways of preparing food. The macrobiotic lifestyle has taken off around the globe, with all sorts of products and restaurants catering towards those adhering to it popping up all over the globe.

Macrobiotic Diet Followed by Legendary Singer -- Madonna

Some famous folks have even gotten into it, most notably long-running popstar Madonna.

Madonna / Photo Credit:Instagram @madonna

Madonna has high-intensity training six days a week to maintain physical strength and health, but apart from exercise, the way of eating is a major contributor. Even Madonna's personal trainer, Smith, also believes that about 20% of Madonna's secret formula to maintain her figure, exercise accounts for about 20%, and 80% depends on diet.

Mayumi Nishimura, a Japanese chef specializing in Macrobiotic diet, has served as Madonna’s personal chef for eight years. Madonna focuses on eating whole grains, vegetables, beans, fermented soy sauce and fish based on the principle of small meals, six meals a day.

Mayumi Nishimura / Photo

The Macrobiotic diet emphasizes high fiber and low fat. In addition to promoting blood circulation, it also has the effect of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Because the intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is large, and the meat is reduced, it is easy to feel full and achieve the effect of weight loss.

Snacking The Healthy Way

One of the key principles of the macrobiotic diet is only eating and drinking when you feel like you need to. Still, when the urge to snack on something arrives, you shouldn’t force yourself to avoid consuming anything. Kanagawa prefecture’s Chaya Macrobi produces food for just this purpose, with two varieties standing out in particular.

Crunch With A Health Conscious Bend

Chaya produces a wide variety of macrobiotic granola, which is perfect to munch on between meals. Besides being healthy and organic, this granola comes in a wide variety of flavors that will keep snacking fresh for those trying to be a little healthier. Creations range from lemon and coconut, onion and salt, and chocolate among others. All of them feature no butter, and conform to the macrobiotic diet.

The Sweeter Side Of Healthy Living

Chaya also makes a dessert sandwich — called a “sand” in Japanese — that similarly utilizes no butter but still manages to deliver a sweet taste in every bite. They also avoid the use of eggs and white sugar, making them vegan friendly. They come in fruity flavors, highlighted by lemon and orange tastes inspired by the Seto Inland Sea area of Japan outside of Hiroshima.

Recently they released a winter limited flavor -- Sugar Free Chocolate. Using Japanese rice replaces flour, which is vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. 

Cocoa butter, coconut milk, and yam are used to make vegan cream with cheesecake taste. Golden berries, pistachios, and oranges, which are known as super foods, are added to add flavor.

Finally topped with fragrant and slightly bitter sugar-free chocolate, bringing you the latest delicacy that you can only get in winter.


Following a healthy, organic diet doesn’t have to mean sacrificing great taste. Chaya shows how this is possible, by creating snacks and sweets fitting an organic lifestyle...without losing the flavor that makes eating so much fun.

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