Fukuoka: Kyushu's Largest City Houses Some Classic Snacks With Modern Twist

Fukuoka: Kyushu's Largest City Houses Some Classic Snacks With Modern Twist

Located on the western side of Japan, the island of Kyushu boasts no shortage of unique cultural offerings and exquisite cuisine. Fukuoka (福岡) is Kyushu's largest and populated city, with 6.8 million international passengers in 2019.

Fukuoka city is full of modern amenities, but you can also see its historical side in the form of temples, shrines, and ancient buildings as if traveling back to the past hundreds of years ago.

For example, the oldest Shingon buddism temple in Kyushu, "Tocho-ji Temple" has a thousand years of history, or visit the "Nanzo-in" to visit the world's largest bronze reclining Buddha, and fully experience the traditional Japanese Buddhist culture.

Fukuoka - A City Of Good Eats

The Hakata district remains Fukuoka’s central districts and its full of restaurants serving delicious food, including Yatai (food stalls) that line the riverfront at night selling ramen or other types of food. 

Fukuoka is known for its fresh and high quality mentaiko (cod roe). Kyushu has a unique culinary culture that has become popular all over the nation, highlighted by Fukuoka's fresh and high quality mentaiko, a salted pollock roe food. 

Mentaiko are served on many Japanese dishes either raw or cooked. They are also found in specialty snacks such as in senbeis (rice crackers), rusk, and more.

Fukuoka is also home to some of the most celebrated food manufacturers in Japan, including those making savory foods and sweets. Now, let us take you to explore Fukuoka’s many flavors, with exclusive and unique snacks, including Hakata’s specialty mentaiko!

Chidoriya - Started the Yogashi (western-style desserts) Craze in Japan

This snack maker from Fukuoka is best known for making sweets riffing on traditional yogashi (Western-style desserts) since started in 1630, and their signature creation is a crunchy and colorful treat.

Their signature Tirolian snacks is a traditional sweets originated from Austria. After being improved into Japanese style confectionery, it started a yogashi craze in Japan when first released. They are crispy and filled with cream — each pack coming with a variety of flavors, each of them represented by a different color. It’s an enjoyable sweet ideal for eating between meals.

Tirolian - Kyushu Paradise

Tirolian has released a variety of flavors, the most recommended is "Kyushu Paradise". Inside the cutely designed yellow box is an individually wrapped cream-filled rolled cookies, which contains three flavors of Kyushu's representative specialty: Hakata Amou strawberry, Miyazaki mango, and Yame Yuro matcha.

The sweet and sour taste of strawberry, the rich aroma of mango, and the fresh sweets and bitters of matcha have their own characteristics. Just like the name, it is a sweet paradise!

Fuubian - Modern Style Fukuoka Confectionery

Fukuoka snack maker Fuubian specializes in putting modern spins on the yogashi genre of sweets using local ingredients. While they might be best known for their sweeter, fruit-featuring snacks (like the tasty strawberry kirara), they also deserve attention for their mentaiko shrimp senbei, a crispy cracker pairing two delicious seafoods famous in the region into one snack.

Strawberry Kirara

Fukuoka's famous Amao strawberry is bright red in color, round and large in shape, rich in juice and sweet, and is particularly famous among Japanese strawberry varieties. "Strawberry Kirara" from biscuit to cream filling is made with Amaou strawberry. Two pink biscuits are sandwiched with thick white chocolate cream. The double taste is crunchy and dense, with the delicate and natural sweet and sour taste of strawberry. The crushed corn flakes enhance the taste.

Mentaiko Shrimp Senbei

This senbei has an unprecedented texture and taste. It is made by crushing and roasting domestic rice, then mixing it with Fukuoka's mentaiko and dried shrimp. It has a unique firm and crisp taste. The strongest umami combination of mentaiko and shrimp, the new texture and slightly spicy flavor impact your taste buds!

Ishimura - Creator of "White Valentine's Day" in Japan

Fukuoka sweets maker Ishimura has been established in Hakata for a hundred years. They use local ingredients to create memorable sweets catered to modern tastes, which stand as among the tastiest you will find in all of Kyushu. Highlights include their rich lemon cake and their sweet take on the marshmallow.

The most talked-about story of Ishimura is creating the craze of returning gifts received from Valentine's Day on "White Valentine's Day" on 3/14 in Japan.

Chocolate Marshmallow

Ishimura’s marshmallows also have many flavors to choose from, and the classic chocolate marshmallows have a soft texture and a rich chocolate filling inside, just like tasting sweet clouds, making people feel relaxed.

Karatsu Lemon Cake

In addition to the signature marshmallows, Ishimura also introduces other yogashi made with Japanese ingredients. This "Karatsu Lemon Cake" uses 100% of the original Karatsu lemons crushed into puree. The packaging is exquisite packaging, and the fragrance is refreshing.

The Karatsu lemon grown in Karatsura Farm in Saga Prefecture has a refreshing and bitter taste concentrated in a small cake. The taste is moist and dense with the hint of sweet and sour taste. 

Yamaya - Producing High Quality Mentaiko for 3 Decades

Yamaya has been producing the Fukuoka delicacies Mentaiko for over three decades now, from a small Mentaiko factory to a large food production group, bringing foods centered on the taste of Mentaiko to the world.

Mentai Rusk

One of their more clever takes on the flavor comes in the form of this Mentaiko Rusk, a type of snack usually featuring a sweeter flavor. Yet they use it as a base for pollock roe in all its tastiness.

Prefecture Box: Exploring Fukuoka's Unique Flavors

Whether it’s cream-filled rolled cookies Tirolian, chocolate marshmallows, refreshing strawberry biscuits, lemon cakes, or strong mentaiko rusk, these Japanese snacks produced by Fukuoka brands allow you to taste the authentic Fukuoka flavors by using the premium local ingredients. Let Prefecture Box take your taste buds on a Fukuoka gourmet journey!

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