Breath of Food! Using Food to Create a Unique Taisho Manga

Breath of Food! Using Food to Create a Unique Taisho Manga

The name of the most thrilling manga and anime in 2019 is 'Demon Slayer.' Starting from serialization in 'Weekly Youth Jump7 in 2016, the best-selling comic in Japan topped the Oricon chart in 2019.

Based on the Taisho era known as 'Taisho Romance' (大正ロマン), the story starts with the tragedy that happens to the protagonist Kamado Tanjiro, who's sister is turned into a demon. Tanjiro swears to turn his little sister back into human again and that is how Tanjiro starts his long journey in search for a cure. Throughout his adventure there are various turning points with many changes that happens to the protagonist, showing friendship developments, growth, and family bond.

'Demon Slayer' is gradually favored by readers because of its wonderful martial arts scenes and delicate emotional settings. There are also many plot twists that keeps the readers hooked. Another eye catching thing about the manga and anime is the delicious food and the interaction with food. It might be a simple interaction but it brings emotional flow and warmth.

Let us explore more on how food plays an impact in 'Demon Slayer' and gives viewers important information!

1. Food showing the sign of time.

'Demon Slayer' uses the Japanese Taisho period as the time for its story, and it can be said that this era is the prototype of Japanese modernization. Due to the needs and influence of the Japanese-Russian War, the Taisho era has made a huge change in the status of women. The so-called 'professional women' has emerged and with it feminine consciousness has risen for a short but relatively prosperous romantic era. These consciousness are reflected in the architecture, fashion, and eating habits.

At that time going out to the cafe for a cup of coffee, or going to a restaurant to eat foreign food was a part of people's lifestyle. The 'Tasiho three big foreign foods' also emerged and they were curry rice, friend pork chops, and croquette. We can expect these type of food to appear in future episodes in the anime.

2. The use of food to bring encouragement.

"Is the hot pot full? The more you eat, the stronger you are. Remember to come back alive."

Every volunteer who wants to become a part of the Demon Slayer Corps must participate in the 'final selection.' After finishing his last year of training with his master, Tanjiro finally gets to enjoy a farewell meal for one night where he can relax and enjoy a good meal. The hot steaming hot pot seems to also reveal the master's overwhelming emotions of encouragement. It is a father-like wish for their children to power up their body with energy from a good meal.

The master knows he cannot stop Tanjiro's determination to go for the election, but he at least can give him a hearty meal as a farewell gift and encouragement. This ordinary meal scene is stacked with emotional connotation. 

 3. Food as a sign of growth and development.

 "At any time, please live proudly."

Inosuke Hashibira, one of the team members grouping with Tanjiro, grew up in the mountains and has survived because of a female boar. Because Inosuke has lived on instinct only, he was first confused with Tanjiro and Zenitsu warmth and friendship. Whenever he is cared for he will feel embarrassed and angry at his confusion. This shows when he was recuperating at the Wisteria Flower House. He couldn't understand why people were being nice towards him.

This is a turning point where his contact with Tanjiro made Inosuke feel warmer and experience new emotions that affects his behavior. This also reflects in battle where Inosuke, who before acted instinctively, now can pull the desire to fight as he recalls the blessings he has. His interests and hobbies have also been enriched as he learns games taught by Tanjiro and adds to his favorite food the tempura dish. The tempura dish that was given to him for dinner when he was helped in the Wisteria Flower House. This small changes are indispensable changes that makes us viewers know that the protagonist's emotions and personality has developed.


In 'Demon Slayer' viewers are able to see adversity, human kindness, perseverance, and the timeless food that Tanjiro and his friends eat that brings them power. Food serves as points to the plot for not only the characters in the show but for us viewers that watch and understand how food can be a powerful energy and a way for characters to get together.

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