The Gift of Snacking with Original Box

The Gift of Snacking with Original Box

Here For The Holidays

December is only weeks away, and that means one of the most celebrated holidays around the world is on the horizon. While taking on a different meaning in Japan, Christmas remains one of the biggest days of the year on the calendar. To celebrate, WOWBOX's next Original Box embraces a Yuletide theme, featuring a wide variety of snacks and sweets, ranging from Japanese snack store staples to limited-edition gummies to sodas boasting unorthodox flavors.

Different But Delightful

While many of the imagery and decorations related to Christmas are the same between Japan and the rest of the world, what actually happens on December 25 is quite different. Rather than a religious day or even a day for families to get together, Christmas in Japan is primarily a day for couples (and for singles to feel somewhat bad about their situation). Despite this, it is a chance for friends and family to get together and have fun, including eating meals together (including, as often covered in English-language media, enjoying Kentucky Fried Chicken).

The Gift Of Snacking

To celebrate this time of the year, WOWBOX is rolling out the latest installment of our 'Original Box' series, featuring a Christmas theme. The items included in this month’s offering either boast a Christmas theme in its packaging, or are a limited-edition item released for the holiday season in Japan (complete with unique flavoring). This includes 12 snacks and one beverage, and while they are all tasty, a few highlights stick out.

A Memorable Drink

Ahhh, the refreshing taste of caramel in your soda. We aren’t talking about the caramel that appears in most cola, but rather a sweet “caramel punch” provided by Pepsi Japan for the holiday season. Give this one a sip and see what it’s all about.

I Choose You!

The Pure brand of gummy snacks is one of the most popular candies in Japan, and for this new limited-edition lemon variety, they’ve teamed up with popular Pokemon character Pikachu for a particularly sour creation.

Let It Snow

Available for Christmas, popular snack option Caramel Corn rolls out a white milk flavor. It’s a sweet treat with a lovely crunch.

Fancy Sweets

Pocky is a classic standby in the Japanese snack market, and for winter 2020 they’ve rolled out a luxurious almond milk flavor that takes the treat to a whole new level.

But Wait!

If you want to spice up your holidays with this box, consider signing up for a subscription plan. If you do now, you can get bonus snacks with your first delivery. Click here to learn more.

So if you are ready to gift yourself or a loved one an 'Original Box' then subscribe to our 'Original Box' Before 11/30 by clicking this link! Plus we got a new box design that will surely impress and give off the feeling of a special gift box. So enjoy and let these limited Japanese snacks make your holiday season even more special.


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  • Jennylyn Gross

    I cant wait to try the caramel Pepsi! I would love to win this for my daughter who loves candy and unfortunately dying of brain cancer

  • Cheryl Germain

    I’d like to try the Pocky almond milk flavour, because I like crisp snacks and almond flavours.

  • sarah tebbutt

    oh wow looks so cute :3 and love the Pokémon stuff :D

  • Ivo

    I would love to try the Pocky Almond Milk 🤤

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