5 Crunchy & Natural Snacks From Japan For The Whole Family To Enjoy!

5 Crunchy & Natural Snacks From Japan For The Whole Family To Enjoy!

It isn’t easy to find small snacks that everyone in the family can enjoy that also offer health benefits. Japan, however, offers a wide variety of treats that can please both the tastes of everyone in the home...and also meet their need for healthier eating between meals.

Wowbox always provides delicious Japanese foodstuffs that are good for everyone and every body, and this month’s boxes feature some highlights on this front. Sit down and start planning out a better way of snacking.

Crispy But Health Conscious

Snack maker Morihaku excels at making crunchy rice crackers using 100% Japanese rice that delivers a filling food but with less calories than other options found at convenience store aisles. What makes them such a great choice is that they come topped with great flavors that really hit the spot.

In our Prefecture Box for February, you can experience the rich taste of Jaga Butter, which graces every cracker and adds a lovely buttery potato & shoyu (soy sauce) taste to each.

Over in the Healthy & Beauty Box, you can enjoy a tomato variety of the snack that packs the juicy taste of the vegetable into a crispy treat that won’t damage your diet too much!

Spill The Beans - Feve Soy Okaki & Camembert Black Pepper

You can live the luxurious life and stay healthy with this creation from confectionary store Feve, which usually uses beans in their treats. This variety 'Soy Okaki & Camembert Cheese Black Pepper', took a turn and used one of the traditional Japanese snacks 'Okaki (rice cracker)' as their center. The concept combines Japanese and western flavors together to enhance the flavor profile. 

For the Okaki, Feve uses soy milk to knead into the rice cracker adding the extra nutrient and flavor. This soy milk flavored Okaki is then coated with the rich and memorable camembert cheese and black pepper adding a slight kick to this treat, and then pair with burdock root slices to create harmonious palette. 

Colorful packaging design is one of Feve's signature. Since Okaki is Japanese traditional snacks, they use world known Fuji Mountain as main feature with a red sun symbolizing Japan. This cute & nutritious snack is featured in the February edition of our Prefecture Box.

Fishy, But In A Good Way - Tuna Chips (DHA, Protein, Minerals, Vitamin)

Created in Kagawa Prefecture, Ajigen Tsunati chips feature 70 percent tuna in production, with no preservatives or colorings. These fish chips are loaded with good vitamins and minerals along with DHA and protein, while their great taste guarantees they will be enjoyed by every age in your household.

Get it in the Healthy & Beauty Box.

Gobochi All The Way - 100% Natural Burdock Root

Burdock root is a famous item grown in Miyazaki Prefecture, and one company from the area has transformed the crispy item into a delectable and healthy chip topped with a special locally sourced set of spices to give it a special Western Japan taste. Found in our Healthy & Beauty Box

Snacks For All!

With all of the healthy snacks found in Wowbox above, you can make your February easy and healthy for everyone in the family! Subscribe by 1/31 to Prefecture Box or Healthy & Beauty Box to enjoy these authentic Japanese snacks with your loved ones.




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