[Combini Watch] Mos Burger and UHA Mikauto Candies Released "Stack-Your-Own Burger Gummy"!

[Combini Watch] Mos Burger and UHA Mikauto Candies Released

If you go to Mos Burger in Japan now, besides the signature Japanese style burger, you can also purchase "Mos Burger Gummy" for a limited time! It is a special collaboration between Mos Burger and UHA Mikakuto Candies which was released in early August.

Are you curious if this gummy actually tastes like a burger? Don't worry, it only replicates the look of a burger; as for the taste, it's fruity flavors that everyone can enjoy! There's citrus flavored burger bun gummy, coca-cola flavored patty, strawberry flavored tomato, and muscat grape flavored lettuce. You can use your creativity to stack your own unique burger.

Cute mini gummies perfectly replicate patty and lettuce
Photo from IG@avimelliayaco

Want a lettuce burger? Sure! A 20 layers gigantic burger? Absolutely! Or, you can simply enjoy each fruity flavored gummy by itself.


Comes with different "ingredients" to stack your own burger
Photo Credit:IG@taketakecafe

For packaging, there are two designs; one is classic Mos Burger, and the other one is Supreme Tomato & Lettuce. You can purchase yours at 7-11 and Mos Burger in Japan. One packet is $380 - $385 JPY.

If you like to have a little fun with your snacks, then this is the gummy that you don't want to miss. What type of burger you'd like to build with these cute mini gummies?


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