[Combini Watch] Limited Meiji large Apollo Chocolate Double Berry Yogurt Flavor

[Combini Watch] Limited Meiji large Apollo Chocolate Double Berry Yogurt Flavor

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Meiji Japan launched the popular 'Apollo Chocolate' on August 1969. Over the past 50 years, with its cute cone shape and the combination of strawberry chocolate with milk chocolate, it has deeply captured the hearts of Japanese people.

日超8月新品 明治大粒Apollo雙莓果優格風味

New Limited Meiji Large Apollo Double Berry Yogurt Chocolate Released on 8/18

In the summer of this year (2020), the 'Chocolate Double Berry Yogurt' will be launched for a limited time! The chocolate made with blueberries and yogurt will give you a juicy and sweet strawberry jam with one bite!


One bite, strawberry jam filling spread in the mouth / Photo Source by:chocolab.com

The aroma of blueberries and the sweetness of strawberries are softly covered by the slightly sour and refreshing yogurt. It is a refreshing taste that must be eaten in summer. Available from 8/18 in Japanese supermarkets and convenient stores nation wide.

Do you start eating the 'Apollo Chocolate' from the top, or do you enjoy it all in one bite?  Comment below what is your favorite way to eat 'Apollo Chocolates'?


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