Christmas Themed Boxes Perfect for the Holiday Season

Christmas Themed Boxes Perfect for the Holiday Season

When it's November, you know Christmas is approaching! Have you thought about your holiday gift list yet? WOWBOX upholds the Japanese spirit of giving gifts that are both easy and delicate! We have meticulously planned the three snack box options that are perfect for this holiday. 

Picking Christmas decorations is always fun, but choosing the perfect Christmas gifts can be nerve-racking. Gift cards seem to lack personal touch, physical items such as clothing or accessories may not suit the other person's taste, or maybe you just simply want some fresh holiday gift ideas this year. These are the reasons why we recommend hard-to-find Japanese confectionery with exquisite packaging and delicious flavors as your best choice. 

Our Premium Box series selects craftsman brand confectionery from forty-seven prefectures in Japan. Most of them are old shops with a reputation and long-established history that only local Japanese people know. Or, are you looking for something more familiar such as Pocky, Pikachu, or Pepsi? We have curated a special Christmas edition for Original Box that'll be perfect for you.

We are also very excited to share with you our new box. It is different from the previous white and minimal style; the new box has bright colors with Japanese style pattern design!

In addition, the "Bonus Snack Campaign" is running until the end of November offering 5% to $60 OFF with bonus snacks added to the first box. Let these three tasteful Christmas gift boxes bring freshness and happiness to your festive season.

PREFECTURE BOX: Unique Taste Loved by Local Japanese.
Showing your good taste by gifting most authentic Japanese flavors.

"Simple, neat, convenient, and practical gift" is the most popular gifting philosophy among Japanese, so food is an excellent choice especially those exquisite master craftsman shops usually being the first choice.

This month, Prefecture Box strictly selected the ultimate deliciousness of 47 prefectures in Japan, from decades to hundreds of years of local brands, bringing you the most authentic taste of Japan.

In this article, we picked 4 items to introduce. You can also click here to see Prefecture Box's full list and brief intro to each item.

#1. Aomori Prefecture / 136-Year-Old Ragueneau's Apple Custard Cake

The century-old brand Ragueneau comes from the Aomori Prefecture in Japan, which is famous all over the world for its delicious apples. Aomori Prefecture's apple production has always ranked first in Japan, and Aomori apples are also known as "miracle apples." Also in this magical place, there is a 136-year-old confectionery shop called Ragueneau.

Ragueneau has won several gold medals at the 'Japan National Confectionery Fair' and was awarded the Aomori Apple Medal in 2017. The popular apple filling sponge cake "Life" of Ragueneau, which we selected for this month, is filled with Aomori apples from their our own farm and wrapped with custard cream and eggs, a creamy sponge cake. A delicious treat to warm your heart.

#2. Nagoya Prefecture / Brown Sugar Popcorn by Enshuya with 73 Years of History

"Enshuya", a 73-year-old Nagoya long-established shop, was famous for developing delicious confectionery made with common ingredients in the postwar period when Japanese supplies were scarce.

This brown sugar popcorn flavor interweaves popped corn and Okinawa brown sugar that is rich in minerals. The simple and delicious aroma combines the rich sweetness of brown sugar and corn.

#3. Gifu Prefecture / Squid Ink Shrimp Senbei with Uni Cheese by Densundo Saishu, Focusing on Making the Best Ebisen for 37 Years

Densundo Saishu, a 38-year-old brand that started with rice crackers, has been making hand-made ebi (shrimp) senbei since 1983. Over the years, while maintaining high-quality traditional flavors, Densundo Saishu continues to create more delicious new flavors.

The crispy and fragrant shrimp senbei is added with squid ink to add the flavor of "sea", topped with the smooth and fragrant uni (sea urchin) cheese, which perfectly presents the aroma of Japanese seafood.

#4. Tokyo Danish Caramel Danish Bread Bites by World Famous Japanese Patissier

Hiraki Tsujiguchi, the third-generation owner of a famous Japanese wagashi (traditional Japanese dessert) store, he first tasted western desserts when he was young, and he plunged into the world of western style desserts. Later, he became a professional patisserie and has won many competitions around the world. As of now, he has opened more than 13 dessert brands in Japan.

This Tokyo caramel Danish bread is a snack that Hiroki Tsujiguchi made privately for his friends very often. Unexpectedly, it was very popular among his social circle, so he decided to officially sell it under the brand "Caramelier" to capture the hearts of dessert fans who enjoy caramel.

For this snack, caramel and butter are cooked slowly and spread on Danish bread. Vanilla and French natural sea salt are used as hidden flavors. The aroma itself makes people tempted to devour the whole bag of snack.

HEALTHY & BEAUTY BOX: Enjoy Healthy Treats Without Compromising The Flavors.
Best Gift Choice for Those Who Are Health-Conscious

This box is a perfect gift choice for those who care about their body but don't want to compromise when wanting to enjoy some yummy treats. Just like the 'Prefecture Box', 'Healthy & Beauty Box' is also carefully selected from famous craftsmen brands in 47 prefectures in Japan, but it has a healthier array that selects natural ingredient and functional elements, allowing you to treat your body while enjoying snacks.

These healthy delicacies are small happiness hat can be shared with coworkers or just simply bring some joy for yourself during a busy day.

This month's 'Healthy & Beauty Box' we have selected 8 items. In this article, we are going to highlight 3 of them to introduce to you. Wanna read the full list? Click here to read more at Healthy & Beauty Box page.

#1. Feve - Jiyugaoka Popular Sweets Shop

Feve, which has gained popularity in the Japanese dessert battlefield in Jiyugaoka in recent years, is a brand created by the world-renowned Japanese patisserie Hiroki Tsujiguchi. From being the third generation of an old Japanese confectionery store, to becoming a professional patisserie, and returning to Japan after winning many dessert competitions in the world. Hiroki Tsujiguchi is arguably the most popular patisserie in Japan.

Feve uses natural nuts and dried fruits as the main ingredients for their snacks. The unique production method makes you surprised that nuts and fruits together can be super delicious. In this month's 'Healthy & Beauty Box,' we have included 2 flavors from their "Christmas Limited Series."

Cashew & Roasted Apples

This pack has a combination of healthy cashew nuts and a lightly cinnamon-flavored roasted apple. The lipids of cashew nuts provide energy for the human body. It is most recommended to enjoy them in the coming cold season.

Plus, it helps improve skin metabolism, prevent anemia, and restore fatigue! Cashew nuts and apples with a lot of nutrients have a soft texture and are also suitable for children to eat!

Almond & Caramelized Bananas

Candy is coated thinly on roasted almonds, giving it a moderate sweetness that is perfectly balanced. Almonds contain a lot of vitamin E and polyphenols, which have anti-aging effects and can be used as snacks during dieting! The cute packaging is only available for this Christmas!

#2. Nomura Mire Biscuit Hello Kitty Pack

Nomura has been established since 1923. The texture and well balanced salty and sweet flavors makes it a popular snack for over hundred years! Now it has released a special edition that has the cute Hello Kitty shaped biscuit! You will not be able to resist finishing up the whole pack at once. 

#3. Replenish The Protein You Need By Pure Plus Strawberry Milk Gummy

Suitable for those who are busy and want to pay attention to their health, the nutritional supplement "Pure Plus" has launched! Adding 6000mg of protein, it can easily supplement the insufficient nutrients in your daily life. The sweet and rich strawberry milk gummy is also matched with the signature sour powder from Pure!

The overall taste is not too sweet, and with zero-fat, it not only reduces the guilt of enjoying the snack, but also effectively supplements protein.

ORIGINAL BOX: Your Christmas Party's Best Friend
New & Limited Item + Christmas Themed Brings The Joy

'Original Box' has the latest items from Japanese convenience store, and this time it will be transformed into a Christmas themed box for a limited time! There are 10 to 12 items, including a variety of newest snacks such as "Pepsi Japan-Cola Caramel Punch", "Pocky Luxury Tailored Almond Milk", and "Pikachu Lemon Gummy!" These Christmas themed snacks will bring joy and create a festive atmosphere during Christmas parties or gatherings with friends.

Here we will highlight 3 items to introduce! Or, you can click here to read more about Original Box - Christmas Theme.

#1. Pepsi Japan-Cola Caramel Punch

A Japan only Pepsi flavor! Enjoy this seasonal flavor that combines cola with a taste of caramel! By adding salt to the sweet caramel flavor, it creates a richer caramel feeling, like a satisfying punch to your thirst!

#2. Pocky Luxury Tailored Almond Milk

The Almond Milk flavor Pocky is a combination of nutty biscuits and mildly sweet almond milk chocolate. A luxurious sweet stick that is coated with plenty of chocolate on baked confectionery. You have a richer flavor as the chocolate coated is three times as much as the conventional Pocky products.

#3. Pure Gummy Lemon Pokemon

A limited snack with Pure gummy featuring Pikachu in the classic lemon flavor! This cute Pikachu shape gummy will win your heart with it's refreshing taste! Not only is it cute but this gummy contains collagen and vitamin C!

Which One Is Your Perfect Christmas Box?

The delicious snacks with the new Japanese style box design are the best choice for Christmas gifts this year! Whether it's "Prefecture Box" showing your good taste by gifting most authentic Japanese flavors loved by locals, the "Healthy & Beauty Box" that is both delicious and natural making it perfect for those who are health-conscious, or the party's favorite "Original Box" filled with Japanese convenient store's newest items and Christmas themed snacks, the excellent selection of this month's snack boxes will for sure add that authentic Japanese flair and freshness to your Christmas this year.

Want it to arrive before Christmas? Order by the end of November to make sure it's delivered in time. Also, don't miss out on our "Bonus Snack Campaign" offering "5% to $60 OFF + Bonus Snacks". Let the gift-giving continue every month by subscribing, and use Bonus Snack's code to add more value!

Prefecture Box / Healthy & Beauty Box Bonus Snack Campaign

Copy the discount code & Click here to subscribe to Prefecture Box, or Click here to subscribe to Healthy & Beauty Box!

Original Box Bonus Snack Campaign

No promo code needed. Subscribe to 1 Month plan to enjoy 2~3 bonus snack, or subscribe to 3 Month plan to get 5+ bonus snack. Click here to start your subscription!

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