Chinsuko - An Okinawan Cookie Has Been A Staple For Centuries

Chinsuko - An Okinawan Cookie Has Been A Staple For Centuries

Whether enjoyed by royalty hundreds of years ago or by tourists today, the chinsuko cookie is one of the defining snacks found on the Okinawa chain of islands. It is a shortbread-like sweet that practically melts in one’s mouth. This month, as Wowbox celebrates all of the delicious snacks Okinawa has to offer, you can find varieties of the chinsuko snack in both the Tabi Box and Omiyage Box.

Enjoyed By Royalty. Now A Cookie For All


Chinsuko cookies were first made when Okinawa was still the Ryukyu Kingdom, centuries ago. Potentially inspired by a similar Chinese cookie, these were originally a treat reserved for royalty. Eventually, it became a snack for everyone, and today is one of the most popular souvenirs you could pick up following your trip to the islands.

They are made from flour and lard, with the latter edition being one of the reasons this shortbread-like snack ends up being so soft in one’s mouth. It’s a unique taste, and one truly representing the region it is from.

Simple But Tasty

Chinpindo, Okinawa local confectionery brand / Photo Credit: Chinpindo website

As touched on, chinsuko cookies are very simple confections. Flour, sugar, water, yeast and lard — that’s basically it. Yet some creators, like long-running company Chinpindo, offer the sweet in many different flavors.

Chinsuko Mix Flavors (Plain, Black Sugar, Beni imo)

One pack, available in our Tabi Box, features the original offering along with black sugar and purple sweet potato (beni imo). 

Black sugar and beni imo are both Okinawa's infamous produce, and Chinpindo uses locally grown ingredients for this variety of chinsuko to have a nice overview of a lot of stand-out Okinawan flavors!

Want to learn more about Okinawa Black Sugar? Click here to read on. Or click here to read more about Beni imo (purple sweet potato).

子宝 (Kodakara) Chinkosuko Chocolate Flavor

You might wonder why they use this particular shape to make cookies? It actually has a positive meaning from Japan's 子宝 (Kodakara) culture to 'be blessed with children'. Also, the word 'chinsuko' sounds a bit like the word in Japanese for 'winkie (chinko)', so it riffs on that.

The cookie is tropical chocolate flavor, available in the February Omiyage Box. This variety works in some fruit taste over a chocolate-covered version of the snack. Each box also randomly include a card with fortune telling.

With the meaning of being blessed with children, it is a perfect treat/gift for couple who are looking forward to having a baby.

Chinsuko, An Okinawa Delight

Few snacks have as much staying power as the chinsuko, and you can see just what makes it so special by subscribing to Tabi Box or Omiyage Box before Feb 28.

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