Unique Valentine's Day Gift: Celebrate With 3 Creative Sweets Using The Most Romantic Of Ingredients — Beans

Unique Valentine's Day Gift: Celebrate With 3 Creative Sweets Using The Most Romantic Of Ingredients — Beans

The most romantic day of the year is coming up, and whether you want to treat that special someone with something delicious or simply try to block out this 24-hour stretch via sweet treats, WOWBOX has you covered. Specifically, three delectable from Feve, created by a Japanese world renowned pastry chef, offer the perfect Feb. 14th gift for someone else...or yourself.

The twist? All of them use crunchy beans as the base for their flavors!

Feve Me

Based out of Tokyo neighborhood Jiyugaoka, Feve was founded by chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi. He has won several international awards and appeared on popular show 'Iron Chef' which makes him one of the most celebrated pastry chef in Japan. 

The guiding concept of the store is that every dessert cooked up uses some sort of bean in its creation, something you don’t normally encounter in shops across the capital. When combined with Tsujiguchi’s expertise, it results in an array of creations that are surprising and succulent.

Peanuts & Strawberry - A Surprisingly Sweet (And Healthy!) Combination

Feve’s Peanut and Strawberry Milk sweets find the prior legume covered in a strawberry powder coated with a mellow milk powder. Bite into these pink snacks to get a crispy and light sensation, paired with dried cranberries mixed into every bag. It’s a tasty snacking option...and one that is actually on the healthier side, making it all the better. Find it in the February Prefecture Box

Pecan & Milk Chocolate - Keep The Combinations Coming

Found in this month’s special Valentine’s Health & Beauty Box, Feve’s Pecan and Milk Chocolate takes the lovely nut in its name and pours cocoa powder on top to add in some sweetness. Every pack also comes with raisins, which underlines the healthy snack aspect of this creation.

Fava Bean & Curry - Spice Up Your Life

Looking for something to add some heat to your Valentine’s Day snack schedule. Feve adds the spicy taste of butter chicken curry to broad beans, combined with thick sliced potato chips, to create an addictive snack. It isn’t just tasty  — thanks to ample amounts of vitamin B2, it also helps improves one beauty. Get it in this month’s Healthy & Beauty Box

I <3 Beans

You might not normally associate beans and other legumes as a good dessert base, but maybe this set of Valentine’s Day sweets will change your mind. Remember to subscribe by 1/31 to receive these creative bean treats in our Feb Prefecture Box and Healthy & Beauty Box.



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