A Sneak Peek into August Box with Anime Snacks Collaboration!

A Sneak Peek into August Box with Anime Snacks Collaboration!

Anime (Japanese term for animation) has been an essential part of Japanese culture and often times there are collaborations between a popular anime series with a well known snack brand. Here is a sneak peek of the Anime snacks you can find in your August Box that you want to try!

1. Baby Star Ramen x Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer, by Ugekoyoharu, is a manga serialized by Weekly Shonen Jump by 2016 that has quickly gained popularity over the recent months for the sword fighting, interesting plot, and its drawn characters. It's popularity has exceeded the total circulation of 60 million copies! The story follows the adventure of Tanjiro Kamado as he tries to find a cure to turn his sister back into human while at the same time killing demons and protecting humans. As for Baby Star Ramen, a snack introduced in 1959 by Oyatsu, is a dried noodle snack that has become one the best selling snack in Japan. Coming in various flavors and sizes, Baby Star Ramen is crunchy and flavorful snack!

The anticipated collaboration has finally realized on May with the new flavor 'Umekombu rice ball,7 which is Tanjiro, the main character, favorite meal. There are 4 types of original packages, each featuring a different design with the main character. Fans will be pleased by the delicious snack along side the great design.  

2. UHA Mikakuto x Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer's soaring popularity has also produced another great collaboration with UHA Mikakuto Company. They have planned collaborations with 4 of their popular sweet brands in a series of releases that will be out one after another! WOWBOX will contain UHA Mikakuto's unique Kororo brand gummy! 

"Kororo" is a new type of gummy with a unique texture. In collaboration with Demon Slayer Anime, they have releases the "Cola flavored gummy" which is the first beverage flavor in Kororo history! The product name is called "Hinokami Cola Flavor" after Tanjiro, the main character of the show. As for the package there are 2 designs based on the fighting scenes we see Kagura and the gang facing on their journey. 


3. Furuta Chocolate Egg x Detective Conan

Furuta Confectionery has been around for 67 years in Japan, actively transforming and shifting its concept to bring new family chocolate lines with strong chocolate brands that are loved by many. Marking Furuta's Chocolate Egg 20th year, Furuta is collaborating with the popular anime named Detective Conan. Detective Conan is a Japanese detective series by Gosho Aoyama, where a talented high school detective accidentally drinks a poison that transforms him into a child. From then on, Conan Edogawa, starts solving cases and hoping to reverse the poison's effect.

This surprise Chocolate Egg collaboration treat comes with a Detective Conan toy figure. There are 18 different figures to collect, plus the figure is inside the delicious egg shaped milk chocolate! So you have double the fun in one sweet treat.

3. Coris x Pokemon

Arguable the most famous Anime series in the world, Pokémon, also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan, follows the adventure of Pikachu and Ash who travels around the land to improve their skills to become the next Pokémon champion. Together have have joined forces with Coris, a long-established Japanese candy manufacturer founded in 1948. Crois is best known for their cute Japanese DIY candy kits, whistle candies, and more delicious sweets.

This collaboration with Pokemon, you will be able to not only enjoy the sweet gum but also the surprise stickers! Collect them, stick them on places, or use it any way you like. On the back side, there is a description of Pokemon along with the animation contents. If you are lucky you can get a rare full hologram type sticker! 


Did any of these special snack collaboration catch your attention? Which one would you want to have? Anime collaboration snacks are much anticipated and it is worth the wait when you are a fan! Get yours now with 'Original Box' by Clicking Here to Subscribe Now! Make sure to get yours before 7/31 so you won't miss any of these special anime collaboration treats only found in Japan.



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