A Bevvy Of Japanese Brown Sugar Sweets For the Holiday Season

A Bevvy Of Japanese Brown Sugar Sweets For the Holiday Season

Brown sugar isn’t always the easiest ingredient to find in Japan, but it also isn’t absent entirely. It’s cultivated in many places, including on the islands of Okinawa, famous for their healthy version of the sweetener. Many sweets makers have whipped up their own take on it in order to create delicious treats, from all over the country. 

The Sweet Stuff

Finding brown sugar during your daily life in Japan can sometimes feel like a Herculean task — you don’t always see it in supermarkets, for example (or maybe I just have rotten luck). Yet that doesn’t mean the country doesn’t produce brown sugar.

Many parts of the nation create the sweet ingredients, with some corners of the archipelago being well known for it than others. Most notably, Okinawa is renowned for its brown sugar, especially thanks to its health benefits.

Image: Sugarcane field in Okinawa

The pure brown sugar has a strong flavor and rich minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium. Because Okinawa is surrounded by the sea, sugarcane can absorb the minerals in the sea through sea breeze and rain, so the brown sugar produced in Okinawa has higher nutritional value.

Goes Well With Anything

Among the brown sugar-centric treats appearing in Wowbox offerings this December are a few examples of how well the Japanese take on this sweetener works with other flavors. From the rich taste of corn to more tropical fruit flavors, brown sugar works wonders with whatever it gets paired with. 

Crunchy And Sweet - Brown Sugar Popcorn

The 73-year-old Nagoya shop, Enshuya, combines brown sugar with the crunch of corn with this snacking option. They use brown sugar from Okinawa to really underline the taste.

It is truly a unique Japanese take on popcorn that you will want to try, and now you can experience it in the December Prefecture Box.

Okinawa Island Flavor

Okinawa is known for many things besides just brown sugar. These series of snacks straight from the island merge many items known from the region with brown sugar such as the sharp flavor of ginger cultivated from forests on the islands.

Brown Sugar Coated Ginger

Do you often feel cold hands and feet? Then you must try this brown sugar coated ginger slices! Ginger has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispelling cold evil, and it is a perfect combination with brown sugar. This brown sugar treat is not like the usual sweetness-based candies, but directly wraps the ginger slices with the brown sugar produced in Tarama Island, Okinawa.

The ingredients are natural, and you can taste the natural sweetness of brown sugar and the spiciness of ginger. Besides eating it like a snack, you can also drop it in your tea or even just use it as regular ginger when cooking to add a little spiciness to your palette.

The sweet and spicy taste is addictive and make your body feel warm which is a delight to enjoy in cold winter.

Ryukyu Chocolate 

This chocolate is one of the popular sweets in Okinawa. The brown sugar from Okinawa is added to the high-quality 72% Ghana chocolate. The sweetness of the brown sugar makes the bitter chocolate easier to enjoy, and it has a crunchy texture which is very different from what you will expect of a chocolate yet surprisingly enjoyable.

Another unique feature of this Ryukyu chocolate is that it is not easy to melt at a high temperature which makes it easy for you to bring it on the road. You can taste the delicious chocolate at any time while consuming minerals from brown sugar and cocoa polyphenols from dark chocolate! 

Now you can experience both Brown Sugar Ginger Slices & Ryukyu Chocolate in the December Health & Beauty Box. 

Nothing Sweeter

Whatever flavors that it gets paired with, Japanese brown sugar is a delight that often is healthier than you’d expect. If you want to spice up your holidays with these brown sugar treats, consider signing up for our subscription plan. If you do now, you can get bonus snacks with your first delivery to get a sweeter deal.

If you want to gift yourself or loved ones these unique and yummy Japanese brown sugar snacks, then grab the code & subscribe to Prefecture Box or Healthy & Beauty Box before November 30!

Plus, we got a new box design that will surely impress and give off the feeling of a special gift box. So enjoy and let these authentic Japanese snacks make your holiday season even more special.





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