Irresistible 4 Japanese Cheese Snacks: Treat Yourself In The New Year With Cheese Taste!

Irresistible 4 Japanese Cheese Snacks: Treat Yourself In The New Year With Cheese Taste!

Let’s just put 2020 behind us, yeah? With January coming in, we all could use some rich flavor...really, we’ve earned it. Few tastes are more luxurious than that of cheese, and  Wowbox’s first boxes of 2021 emphasize the dairy treat. That’s because we could all use some delicious flavor right about now, and Japan does it better than most.

Artisanal Cheese Crackers With Local Flair
Forest Chizuya

Created by a snackmaker based out of Gifu Prefecture since 1935, these cheese senbei use ingredients from a different part of the country — cheese from the northern island of Hokkaido — to create a rice cracker that offers a great crunch and a rich, cheesy flavor. It comes as part of our January Prefecture Box.

Cheese Meets Other Sharp Flavors
Densundo Shrimp Senbei Camembert & Avocado Flavor


Created by a snack maker that has been crafting great treats balancing tradition with new taste, Densundo’s Shrimp Senbei Camembert & Avocado Flavor cracker combines the winning tastes of  shrimp, cheese and avocado into one crispy snack that shows how cheese can work wonders with other tastes. It’s also a healthier snack choice — which is why it appears in our upcoming Health & Beauty Box

Macrobiotic Treat: Vegan, Gluten & Dairy Free 
Macrobi Butter Sand Maple Rum Raisins

Macrobiotic food aims to allow consumers to avoid eating unhealthy food such as meat and other processed foods, offering a more natural way of living that is seen as healthier. This Japanese company Chaya specializes in macrobiotic snacks, and this butter sandwich cookie uses a plant-based cream that has cheese-like texture and flavor to create a sweet treat that’s also good for you! Naturally, it’s found in our January Health & Beauty Box

One Final Cheesy Delight
Ishimura Vintage Ange Fromage Flavor

This Vintage Ange cake comes in two flavors: fromage cheese and rich chocolate. The cheese flavor uses fromage cheese and refreshing lemon. It has a strong taste but not too sweet. When you bite into a moist cake, there is the creamy fromage cheese that is just satisfying! It is great to pair with black tea and coffee in the afternoon tea time, and also suitable to taste with wine as a dessert.

The chocolate cake is added with rum to bring out the sweet taste of chocolate. The delicate taste of the cake is cleverly combined with rich chocolate sauce, and every bite is full of flavors. For the January Prefecture Box, we highlight the special chocolate variety.

You Deserve The Best

Whatever Wowbox you opt for, you will get delicious cheesy treats from all across Japan. You earned it after a tough 2020, and it will hopefully make the start of a new year at least feel a tiny bit better.

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