2021 New Year's January Box Latest Japanese Snacks!

2021 New Year's January Box Latest Japanese Snacks!
Life, work, school and other aspects have been affected by the pandemic in 2020. Among them, the most unbearable thing is that you cannot go abroad. But with the gradual control of the pandemic and the continuous good news of vaccines, 2021 not only represents the new year, but also symbolizes the positive image that everyone’s life is about to return to normal. At this time, you would want some small snacks with unique meanings to start a new page on January!

The 3 major themes for January WOWBOXes is the "New Year & New Atmosphere" as we have selected unique items to help you put all the bad events in 2020 behind! The snacks are suitable for sharing whether it is for a picnic or a domestic trip, it is very convenient to share with family and friends. Taste the exquisite Japanese confectionery!


Unique Selection of Local Japanese Snacks in 'Prefecture Box'

The unique selection will not only bring you good luck in 2021, enjoy the authentic flavors of Japan and explore the stories of local brands when you cannot go abroad! This time we specially included 2 "Shinto Shrine" snacks with interesting stories behind them, which bodes well for the New Year. Traditional Japanese flavors such as Japanese plum or matcha are like spending the New Year in Japan.

Tirolian Japanese Plum Flavor
Dazaifu woodcarving birds help you turn lies into blessings

Tirolian, the signature dessert of the 390-years-old Fukuoka store "Chidoriya", is including the traditional Japanese plum flavor. Enjoy crispy biscuit rolls made of fresh milk and cream, coupled with homemade light cream fillings, and the slightly sour plum aroma spreading in your mouth, forming a harmonious sweetness. 

Chidoriya was founded in 1630. The head office Chi in Hakata, Fukuoka.

Tirolian was originally a traditional Austrian sweet. It was introduced by Chidoriya in 1962 and improved to a Japanese taste. It immediately started the first foreign confectionery trend in Japan!

This packaging design is based on the indispensable woodcarving bird exchange ceremony (also known as the sacred deity) before the exorcism of ghosts is held in Dazaifu every January 7.

Dazaifu&鷽 / Photo Credit:IG @okinawarisa____

These wood-carved birds are bullfinches, which are called "little" and "lies" in Japanese. The exchange of these puppets represents a lie that was accidentally told last year in exchange for this year's blessings by the god.

With Dazaifu we will help you change the lies of 2020 to the good luck for 2021~ and hopefully the flavor of traditional Japanese plum, sweet and sour will give you a happy New Year!

Nikko Toshogu / Nikko Rusk Matcha
Bittersweet taste of Tokugawa Ieyasu's history.

Nisshodo, founded in Showa 12, is a well-established Japanese confectionery shop that offers sweets from Toshogu Shrine in Nikko. The Nikko Toshogu Shrine in Tochigi is a world relic with a history of more than 400 years. It is worshiped by Tokugawa Ieyasu, an important figure who has a profound influence on Japanese history and culture. The origin of the name translates to "the shrine illuminated from the east", which means that the Tokugawa Ieyasu will light up from the east of Japan and continue to protect Japan.

Nikko Toshogu Shrine / Photo credit:matcha
The luxurious and splendid architectural design also echoes the meaning of its illumination, coupled with the special historical significance, the area has officially became a historical heritage in 1999.

The "Nikko Rusk Matcha" included in this 'Prefecture Box' has been recognized as a premium product of Nikko Toshogu Shrine! The Nikko Shortbread Series was launched by the shop "Nisshodo" located in the vicinity of Nikko Toshogu Shrine. It has been in business for more than 80 years and is carefully crafted using Wagashi technology.

The lively and colorful outer packaging design is the characteristic of the Nikko bread and shortbread series. The snack has a variety of flavors and has accumulated sales of more than 1 million.

This time we selected the matcha flavor, which balances the sweetness of sugar and the bittersweet taste of matcha. It is crispy and delicious, allowing you to taste the unique bittersweet taste of Toshogu's history!

In addition to the two shrine snacks above, the 'Prefecture Box' contains a total of 8 exquisite snacks, which will definitely bring you a piece of Japan to your home! Taste the famous snacks from Japanese local areas when you cannot go abroad. Want to know the whole snack list inside 'Prefecture Box'?  Click Me to See More!

Healthy & Beauty Box With Smart Selections of Delicious Healthy Snacks

Do you care about the snacks you put into your mouth? Now you can enjoy some snacks with smart snacking selections! Just let us help you make the right snack choices with our 'Healthy & Beauty Box' for January 2021!

Natural raw materials plus functional snacks such as gluten-free, vegetarian, dietary fiber, and more. Last month, everyone responded enthusiastically to the Feve brand created by the Japanese champion pastry chef Tsujiguchi Hiroki. This time we added 2 of his latest creations~ Let's check them out!

Feve's latest 2 flavors, with a limited number of colorful packaging designs!
Feve is one of the most popular snacks in Japan recently. Let’s talk about his founder Tsujiguchi Hiroki. As the third-generation owner of an old wagashi store, he thought he would follow his parents to take over the family business, but when he ate Western-style cakes for the first time in the third grade of elementary school he changed his mind. Touched by the deliciousness, he plunged into the world of western desserts and became a Patisserie (Western dessert chef), and won many dessert awards internationally. He is known as one of the modern Japanese dessert masters.

Feve, opened in Jiyugaoka a dessert battle zone, is a bean dessert brand created by Hiraki Tsujida. Feve uses creative seasoning with the simple but nutritious peas to transform them into exquisite desserts, which are both delicious and easy to enjoy!

Fashionable and cute packaging design, from sweet to savory flavors, absolutely subvert your existing impression of beans. Last box we included sweet flavors, this time we have selected the latest two savory flavors, with colorful packaging design.

Feve:Fava Beans x Shrimp Paprika

Taste unique and delicious healthy snacks made from broad beans, sprinkled with shrimp and red pepper powder (Paprika) to increase the aroma. Broad beans contain a lot of vitamin B2, also known as beauty vitamins, which makes snack time beautiful.

In addition to the delicious peas, the packaging is a limited time "Red Fuji Mountain", and the colorful design makes you feel joyful!

Feve:Cashew x Wasabi Soy Sauce

The cashew nuts are coated in the salty mustard soy sauce dough for an extra crispy taste and aroma. Cashew nuts are a natural tonic that can help regulate the intestinal tract. It is effective in diet, prevention of anemia, recovery from fatigue, beautification of the skin and anti-anxiety. You can enjoy a guilt-free snack during your breaks.

In addition to the two Feve introduced above, the "Healthy & Beauty Box" contains a total of 7 exquisite snacks that will make your snack time more pleasant, with snacks such as "Chaya Vegetable Cream Sandwich Biscuit" that tastes like cheesecake, or the "Camembert Cheese & Avocado Shrimp Senbei" from the old store in Nian Senbei that that passed the food safety standards. These are all high-end items that you can't find in your local stores.
'Original Box' Full of Rich and Diverse Selection for the New Year!

In the new year, of course, we want you to celebrate with the "Original Classic Box" with rich items and diverse flavors~ This time in addition to the latest flavors from well-known brands, we have secretly included some exquisite snacks that were originally only available in the 'Prefecture Box'!

I will secretly reveal 4 of the selected snacks for your viewing!

Hi-Chew Premium Strawberry

When it comes to strawberries in Kyushu, most people think of "Amazu" first, but in fact, the locals prefer the 'love strawberry' (also known as Dharma strawberry) from Saga Prefecture because of its lower acidity, which makes the strawberry sweeter and richer.
This is a higher-grade chewy texture Hi-Chew that keeps the characteristic sweet and sour flavor of the love strawberries. The center dough has a chewy texture, and the sugar-coated part on the outside is tailored so that the flavor spreads softly in the mouth the moment you chew!

Giant Caprico Gungun Milk

Japan’s national snack Caprico mini cone chocolate has launched the latest product the same size as real ice cream! Super soft milk chocolate, with a crispy cone, it is as delicious as eating ice cream that will not melt.

In addition to being delicious, it also contains "calcium" which is good for bones and "magnesium", an essential trace element for the body, so that adults and children can easily enjoy the delicious food!

Chip Star Wagyu Sukiyaki

Chip Star, a national brand of Japanese potato chips, has launched a new meat favorite "Wagyu Sukiyaki"! The gravy aroma of Japanese domestic Wagyu beef and the salty aroma of sukiyaki are all locked in the crispy potato chips~ With the packaging design of Ukiyo-e, it brings you a strong Japanese flavor!

Hello Kitty Millet Biscuit
The Nomura Mire pie, is now collaborating with Sanrio’s Hello Kitty to launch the Kitty styles! It looks ordinary and unremarkable, but the treat tastes unexpectedly delicious! Japan's Nomura fried bean processing shop was established in the 12th year of Taisho, and it has been over a hundred years in business. It has a strong ancient flavor and a salty and sweet crunchy taste that is loved by many.

This biscuit is included in "Original Box", "Prefecture Box", and "Healthy & Beauty Box"~

This Month's Event: BONUS SNACK Oreo Crispy Sakura Chiffon Cake

Need another reason why you should get an 'original Box'? If you subscribe to 'Original Box' before 12/31, we will also give you the "Oreo Crisp Sakura Chiffon Cake" for FREE!

This Oreo snack uses cherry cream with subtle saltiness added to its sweetness for a perfect treat! The slightly sweet scent and taste of Sakura is added for a reminiscent of spring.
 Three Themed Boxes to Bring You a Fresh Start for 2021!

Which box do you want most? Click the link to see more detailed infromation about each box!

【Prefecture Box】Unique snack selections from popular Japanese local stores!
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